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TOKYO (Reuters) - Nine people were killed when floods inundated an old people's home in Japan, police said on Wednesday,

Major retailers and entertainment venues are risking the safety of customers - as well as incurring fines of up to

By Steve Scherer and Gabriele Pileri AMATRICE, Italy (Reuters) - The death toll from a devastating earthquake in central Italy rose

Wildfires pose a direct threat to human life and property in the western United States. According to a new study,

By Steve Scherer ACCUMOLI, Italy (Reuters) - An earthquake devastated a string of mountainous towns over a swathe of central Italy

Herne Bay firefighters will be opening their doors to the local community this weekend to give people the chance to

According to Home Office statistics, fire incidents have been on a downward trend since a peak in 2003/4. The latest

From 7 to 9 October 2016, REAS will showcase the state of the art in rescue services, disaster relief, fire

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The hallmarks of catastrophic disasters are death and destruction, large scale disruption of communities and businesses, the displacement of populations

Firefighters work hard, in environments characterised by high levels of ambient and radiant heat. To further add to their thermal

It’s a surprising fact that the most likely environmental damage caused by fire at an industrial site is not actually

Fire and rescue personnel can face serious danger in a variety of situations but particularly when they find themselves separated

Offensive fire attack, or transitional attack, is an increasingly technique used in Fire Services around the world with some differences

The importance of M during major events cannot be under estimated in this world of terrorism and hazardous substances emergency agencies