Bristol Uniforms

Bristol Uniforms

Bristol is an internationally recognised and respected designer and manufacturer of firefighter PPE. A pioneer of specialist protective garments in the UK, it now provides technically advanced head-to-toe firefighter protection to fire & rescue services in over 110 countries around the world through a network of experienced distributors.

Bristol’s flagship design platform, XFlex™, provides the basis for structural, wildland and technical rescue garments. The XFlex™ structural range meets EN469 and offers outerlayer options in PBI and Nomex® fibres with Gore moisture barriers. RescueFlex™ is a technical rescue garment which meets General Flame standard EN11612 comprising a Kermel Hi-Visibility Red outerlayer with Gore Crosstech® SR moisture barrier. LayerFlex™ is the latest design offering which uses three garments in different combinations to achieve protective standards for structural and wildland firefighting and technical rescue operations. The RescueFlex™ jacket in combination with the XFlex™ trouser is for use in technical rescue or wildland firefighting meeting standards EN15614, EN11612 and High-Visibility EN20471. Wearing the XFlex™ outer jacket over the RescueFlex™ jacket provides protection for structural firefighting to EN469 Level 2.

Bristol also offers a range of its own design fire gloves and hoods and can supply complete head-to-toe PPE using carefully selected helmets and boots. All garments are bespoke and manufactured using sizing taken from individual wearers. Made-to-measure garments provide the best possible protective solutions and are available in a wide variety of fabric combinations.

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