Duram Mask

Duram Mask

Duram Mask is a leading developer and manufacturer of respiratory protection systems, specializing in high-quality compact safety solutions. The company makes substantial investments in R&D, which has yielded several globally recognized patents, and it offers products adhering to rigorous international quality standards. Its design philosophy is geared towards making equipment which can provide optimal attainable protection, constantly striving to create more compact masks while improving their protective capabilities.

The masks are made from light and durable materials, are one-size-fits-all, and are easy to unpack and wear. They are small enough to be comfortably carried on one’s person throughout the workday, making them easily and immediately accessible in times of emergency. Additionally, their compact design makes it possible to place them in many strategic locations in the workplace without creating an obstruction.

Duram Mask delivers tailor-made solutions to its customers, with lines of solutions designed for different scenarios such as fires, chemical spills, and release of chemical or biological agents, allowing wearers to evacuate the scene safely and calmly and even assist others. The hoods provide several options and levels of protection against organic, inorganic, and acidic gases, as well as against ammonia and carbon monoxide, making them suitable for various industries and sectors, including chemical and petrochemical plants, mines, oil and gas installations, military and law-enforcement agencies, emergency services, hospitals, hotels and high-rise buildings.

For more information, go to www.durammask.com

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