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Welcome to the June 2014 issue of International Fire Fighter magazine.

This 96 page issue has some fantastic articles including a piece on multi-purpose amphibious vehicles for search and rescue and firefighting operations.

On pages 53-56, there is fantastic piece by Neil Crosby who is a tutor at the International Fire Training Centre in Darlington here in the UK about how municipal and airport fire brigades can work together.

Cover image:
Bronto Skylift F 37 RLX fighting a factory fire near Tampere, Finland. Photo courtesy of Bronto Skylift.

Contributing Editors
Dr Harry R. Carter, Sebastian Jacobs, Keith Klassen, Woodrow Matthews, Phil Crook, Dennis Kennedy, Loretta Spridgeon-Connor, Bob Phillips, Axel Topp, Neil Crosby, Chris Thomas, Paul Taylor, Jeff Dill, Robert Stacey, Tony Arkell, Bill Carroll, Andy Caughey, Jon Hall, Matt Bright, Mark Burgess, Duncan J. White