When form and function unite, modern technology becomes an experience. The Rosenbauer turret control is part of a new and complete firefighting equipment package for ARFF and industrial vehicles. All components are optimally matched and are further evidence that modern firefighting technology can look stylish.

Improved overall performance, higher throw ranges, more precise beam guidance: the external appearance of the newest Rosenbauer firefighting equipment does not immediately reveal that which lies within. The turret controls must be as sensitive as possible to achieve absolutely precise extinguishing. Slow movements are more likely to hit the mark than fast movements. The main requirement is that the turret executes exactly what the operator is dictating on the joystick.

Rosenbauer offers a product palette of electronically controlled turrets ranging from 600 to 15,000 l/min. All turrets are now operated using the newly developed turret control, which has improved interaction with the turret even further. The joystick executes the movements of the hand with even greater sensitivity, which facilities even more exact and precise motions. The operator is also supported by a number of new functions: four status LEDs on the handle convey information about extinguishing agent volume and the selected extinguishing agent type. An illuminated direction indicator on the control handle indicates to the operator the current direction of the turret in a simple fashion. Furthermore, the buttons are universally arranged so that the function of each button is the same on all Rosenbauer control handles and joysticks, including the newly developed 5-axis joystick for operating the STINGER HRET.

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