Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips

As the recognized global leader in innovative nozzle and monitor design and development, Task Force Tips, Inc., with manufacturing and operational headquarters in Valparaiso, Indiana USA, has exceeded emergency responder expectations for suppression performance since 1971. Credited with the invention of the automatic, or constant pressure variable gallonage nozzle in 1968, TFT today offers a full range of automatic, as well as fixed and selectable gallonage handheld and masterstream firefighting nozzles.

Meeting global standards for handheld nozzles such as NFPA, UL, FM, ATEX, CE/EN ISO and CCC, the TFT product line offers over 800 models and configurations to meet any agency’s fire suppression challenges. From the smallest models designed for 25mm/1” hoselines with flows from 37 l/min / 10gpm up to 65mm / 2 ½” hoselines with flows to 1150 l/min / 300gpm, all handheld nozzles are produced from stainless steel and high strength lightweight anodized aluminum alloy for maximum durability even in the harshest firefighting environments. Pistol grips and valve shut offs are produced from DuPont’s ZYTEL® super tough nylon and are easily color coded for identification. Many nozzles offer the IMPULSE™ trigger valve operational design as an option, and over 25 models have been developed specifically for pulsing and compressed air foam applications including the G-Force™ global nozzle platform. All models accept low or medium expansion foam attachments for improved finished foam performance, are individually serialized for asset tracking, and most offer three distinct fog pattern tooth designs.

Additionally, Task Force Tip’s broad range of portable, transportable, fixed and remote controlled firefighting monitor systems fill operational demands for high volume mobile appliances to 5000 l/min / 500gpm, apparatus integrated manual and remote controlled models to 7600 l/min / 2000gpm, and industrial applications to 30,285 l/min / 8000gpm. For over 45 years, TFT has produced nearly 8,000 water flow, foam application and fire suppression products that global customers have relied on for safe high performance operations and our commitment to continued innovation new product development will be noted during the next 45 years of service.

For more information, go to www.tft.com

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