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Firefighters live with risks by managing them effectively but the fact that these risks include an increased rate of cancer

A new tech company is working to help first responders avoid collisions through direct communication between responders and the vehicles

Utilizing state-of-the-art wireless remote controls, fire truck operators can carry out their duties with newfound freedom. International Fire Fighter speaks

Copernicus Programme’s satellite-based information and mapping services can help in every step of the emergency management cycle and are available

In Part One of this article we looked at some of the smaller commuter ferries operating around the world. A

Fighting LNG and LPG fires is not a simple task. Completely extinguishing these fires could leave a pool of liquid

The current political and financial pressures have lead all public bodies throughout the United Kingdom to look closely at how

Water Supply Preplanning is more than just knowing general hydrant locations and putting the “wet stuff on the red stuff.”

Drones are increasingly used for search, but drones are capable of much, much more! This is just the beginning, drones

Fires in vehicles that are powered by alternative fuels when they are in underground facilities, such as tunnels and garages,

In the UK the number of plus size individuals being rescued by the fire service because they are too large

Dedicating yourself to a lifestyle of health and fitness is more than just “working out.” As a firefighter, you owe

Much knowledge can be obtained through investigation of fires. Fire investigations give increased knowledge about how and why fires start,

Imagery has always been a useful aid to training, emergency planning and incident management. Developments in imaging technology from high

Disaster scenes are chaotic and noisy, with rescue teams climbing over collapsed structures, feverishly working to find survivors. Technology can

Traditional methods for cleaning up oil spills, like collecting the oil with mechanical skimmers and breaking it up with chemical

Firefighters and First Responders are exposed to dangerous toxins every day they are on the job. Toxins not only exist

When we think about terrorism we usually associate it with gunfire and a military or police response. It is not

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, explores the complex variations in PPE requirements for firefighters across the globe,

The smoke and debris has settled. Hot spots are extinguished. The trucks are clean and back in service. The constant

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