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Traditional methods for cleaning up oil spills, like collecting the oil with mechanical skimmers and breaking it up with chemical

Firefighters and First Responders are exposed to dangerous toxins every day they are on the job. Toxins not only exist

When we think about terrorism we usually associate it with gunfire and a military or police response. It is not

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, explores the complex variations in PPE requirements for firefighters across the globe,

The smoke and debris has settled. Hot spots are extinguished. The trucks are clean and back in service. The constant

For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine each other. The focus of

Countless rural communities around the globe face an endemic problem, a lack of a pressurized hydrant water infrastructure. Lacking this

Prompted by a communication breakdown during a massive wildfire, the department invested in a Gigabot 3D Printer to help them

When fire crews attend incidents involving unknown, potentially hazardous materials, Hazmat officers are called on to perform complex chemical analysis,

Katie Lorenz, a field medic with Austin-Travis County EMS, wades without hesitation into an onslaught of water. It comes up

The fireground demands work capacity – plain and simple. There’s no app for forcing doors, advancing hose lines, or hooking

As cities become denser the requirement to build upward toward the sky will continue. Modern building and fire codes must

The City of Oakland Park launched a ‘Call to Artists’ regarding a mural project at the Oakland Park Fire Rescue

When a wife drags her husband on a weeklong mission trip, an international effort to salvage African fire departments is

Selecting a fan for firefighting and rescue operations, much like a hand line nozzle, comes down to ensuring you have

USAR in the UK Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) has undergone some dramatic changes over the last few years. Given

As a largely misunderstood firefighting tactic, the use of foam has at times been confusing to the fire service. The

In June, the London Fire Brigade responded to one of the most tragic incidents the international fire service has witnessed

The explosion and subsequent fire at the fuel storage depot at Buncefield are familiar to most fire fighters; the issues

The recent 3-part article by Shelley and Tarantino said “Overfill ground, dike, or bund fires result from piping or tank

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