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Ali S Karim BSc FRSC CChem FCILT FEI CSci Technical Consultant.

Carriage and storage of ADR Class 3 within the dangerous goods supply chain 

This feature provides an updated insight into probably the largest ADR category of packaged (and bulk) dangerous goods carried on the British road network – flammable liquids; and, crucially for firefighters, it explains what measures must be in place at…

The mathematics, physics and chemistry of a BLEVE 

This feature provides readers with an insight into one of the most troubling incidents, the much-feared Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE) that can occur in the Dangerous Goods Supply Chain, but most crucially how to avoid the horror of…

The hazards of Oxygen, oxidising agents and organic peroxides

For the firefighter, and emergency services understanding Oxygen, its properties and those of its compounds is vital. In order for a fire to ‘take hold’ there must be Oxygen to feed the flame [reaction]. In a fire incident, smoke may…

Compressed and Liquified Gases

When Fire and Rescue are called to restore order at an industrial site, such as a warehousing complex, production / manufacturing plant (or a public highway); as part of the dynamic risk assessment – the incident commander / controller must…

Flammable liquids held in a depot, warehouse, production plant or within the supply chain

When a team from the Fire and Rescue Service are called to an incident at an Industrial Premises (such as a warehouse, a production plant, or on a highway or railway), one must consider the presence of materials that could…

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