Casey Jones
Casey Jones
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Casey Jones is an instructor and hazmat technician for the Little Rock Fire Department. He is also a hazmat coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management and a member of the IAFC. With 12 years of hazardous materials experience, he teaches various hazmat/wmd courses throughout the United States. Recently, he has been working with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences on a cancer prevention program aimed towards firefighters.

Surviving the unknown – safety through disaster

Disaster. Crisis. Disease. Horror. While the multitude of humans avoid these like a plague, pun intended, they are the basis of why fire and emergency services exist. Our current world environment subjects us to an abundance of hazards, risks, and…

Invest in the dream

The “bravest”. That is what our cities call us. The bar of expectations is set very high by our communities. But, do we fully understand that level of performance? That level of expectation? Looking back at your days in recruit…

Knowing your atmosphere

While some of us in the fire service are fortunate enough to have a dedicated Hazardous Materials Response Unit (HMRU) in our department, many agencies throughout the world do not. However, that does not mean we are exempt from responding…

Sizing-up hazmat incidents

In the world of fire and emergency services, hazardous materials incidents have some of the most devastating outcomes in regard to life, property, and environmental losses. For years, emergency responders and specialists have collaborated in an effort to limit these…

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