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David Dalrymple is a volunteer FF/EMT/Rescue Technician for Clinton EMS/Rescue in Clinton, N.J. He has been actively involved with emergency services for 37 years and is the executive educator for RoadwayRescue LLC (www.roadwayrescue.com). He is also the education chair for the Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee – US (TERC–US). Certified as a fire service instructor by the State of New Jersey, he has been actively teaching transportation rescue topics for over 27 years.

A true revised mindset on vehicle rescue and extrication

In looking over my career in emergency services, both as a provider and as an educator, involved with vehicle rescue, much of the tool evolutions or the methodology of how we have made space to disentangle injured vehicle occupants has…

Today’s personal protective envelope for motorsports response – Part 2

The ramifications of hybrids and electrics in motorsports is a significant concern. These vehicles bring a drivetrain type that would appear to be a major hazard to the casual observer. It is my belief that with the correct education and…

Today’s personal protective envelope for motorsports response – Part 1

Ever since the late 1990s when hybrid vehicles took to the streets globally, we have watched their slow progression into the field of motorsports, from Formula 1 to World Endurance Championship (WEC) to now having their own open-wheel series, Formula…

Operational concerns involving Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at vehicle related incidents – Part 2

The true concern with these vehicles is not extrication but fire. We already have vehicles with a significant fire load without adding in a drivetrain that adds hundreds of power cells of either NiCad, NMHiD or Lith-Ion, pounds of combustible…

Operational concerns involving Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at vehicle related incidents – Part 1

One of the largest concerns today dealing with vehicle related incidents revolves around the electrification of vehicles today. We deal with technology concerns in every single vehicle today that we encounter. Passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. SRS safety systems are…

Best Practices for Vehicle Rescue Today 

We often highlight technology issues and concerns with vehicles however how often do we hit upon operational concerns and their impact at a vehicle related incident or emergency? Be it concerns around supplementary restraint systems (SRS) or tool evolutions; we need…

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