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Ian Dunbar
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Ian spent 19 years in the UK Fire and Rescue Service, specialising in technical rescue and trauma care before becoming a technical and medical rescue consultant. He has worked in over 100 countries worldwide, authored a best-selling book and has been instrumental in the development of several innovative rescue tools. He is an associate tutor at the Fire Service College in the UK and is part of the TOCA Safety Team, covering all rounds of the British Touring Car Championship. Ian has worked with the FIA on the introduction of the ‘Halo’ into Formula 1. Ian is now owner and director of Ian Dunbar Training and Consultancy Ltd.

Is it time for a global approach to vehicle extrication?

Since the arrival of social media and the almost instantaneous exchange of thoughts, values and ideas, is it time to adopt a more global approach to the subject of vehicle extrication? Surely it should be the same all over the…

Airbag deployment during extrication

I have made a point of asking the question: ‘What is the most likely thing to cause us harm at the scene of any road traffic collision?’ and I would estimate that well over 90% of the time the answer…

Hydraulic rescue – Reaching new depths

With our latest innovation, first responders now have the ability to literally plunge new depths of possibility with hydraulic rescue tools that can operate whilst completely submerged. LUKAS EWXT (eDraulic Watertight Extrication Tool) mean it is now safe to go…

Extrication Planning – Part 2

In the previous article we looked at the initial stages of extrication planning and focussed on the gathering of information, establishing our priorities, contriving the plan based on the initial and ongoing needs of the patient and communicating our findings.…

The need for more multi-agency training

Seldom if ever, is vehicle extrication carried out by a single agency. In every single one of the over 100 countries where I have delivered training, the role of the other agencies is discussed and considered and is always done…

Extrication Planning – Part 1

Vehicle extrication is an extremely complex discipline which requires a high level of skill, knowledge and understanding in order to ensure a safe and successful outcome. Whilst it is heavily reliant on teamwork and multi-agency working, its ultimate success requires…

The team approach to vehicle extrication: time for change

The team approach to vehicle extrication is nearly as old as I am, which begs the question: why has it never been revised? No one can doubt that it is a checklist that has served us well for nearly three…

The Changing Role of the Rescuer

I joined the fire and rescue service nearly a quarter of a century ago and since that time the industry has changed beyond all recognition. The only thing I identify with now is the history and tradition that will, quite…

Social Media – Help or Hindrance?

I have had an interesting month so far, travelling in UK, Turkey and South Africa discussing the latest methods of extrication with professional rescuers. I love to see regional variations when it comes to extrication and it is fair to…

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