Jesse A. Heitz
Jesse A. Heitz
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Jesse A. Heitz formerly served as a firefighter with the Chaska Fire Department, and as the Training Officer for the Carver County Fire Departments' Hazardous Materials Response Group. He is the author of Fire Resistance in American Heavy Timber Construction: History and Preservation.

Crisis planning: Establishing a reserve corps

For months, the world has grappled with a crisis of staggering proportions, the havoc imposed by COVID-19. International travel has been restricted, global trade has ground to a veritable halt, and entire nations have enacted virtually unprecedented countermeasures ranging from…

The strains of ineffective leadership

As anyone who has ever donned a set of turnout gear and saddled-up on a rig can attest, the sense of accomplishment that responding to an alarm—however routine or severe—can bring is unmatched in its profoundness. The simple knowledge that…

The decline of the suburban American paid-on-call fire service

For generations, the American paid-on-call firefighter has faithfully stood as a civic sentinel, tirelessly safeguarding the wellbeing of an ever-growing nation’s citizenry. At the behest of a pager’s shrieking siren, and with nary a pause, these brave men and women…

The realities of firefighting and mental health

In June, the London Fire Brigade responded to one of the most tragic incidents the international fire service has witnessed in years. In the middle of the night, some 40 apparatus and hundreds of firefighters descended upon a 24-story apartment…

Rapid intervention teams in the American paid-on-call and volunteer fire service

For firefighters, the threat of danger always looms. Many firefighters, from the youngest of rookies to the oldest of grey-haired veterans, spend countless hours pondering the many facets of the job. They sit alone in the quiet, and debate vigorously…

Heavy Timber 101, Part 1: History and Design

Heavy Timber Construction (HTC), or Type IV Construction, is a term that undoubtedly every firefighter in the United States recognizes, although it might very well be largely unknown globally. Almost immediately, images of massive industrial and commercial occupancies, complete with…

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