Kees Kappetijn
Kees Kappetijn
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Kees Kappetijn is a consultant at/owner of Kappetijn Safety Specialists. Philip Stohr is a consultant at Kappetijn Safety Specialists. The consultancy supports organizations with the design and establishment of Municipal and industrial emergency service organizations and is specialized in Mutual Aid initiatives in ports and industrial areas. Kees Kappetijn and Philip Stohr are involved as policy and industrial safety experts in the UIFRS/Amsterdam project team.

The Beirut explosion: an inconvenient truth for the industry and authorities

The devastating explosion in the Beirut harbour area was a dramatic wake-up call for the industry and (port) authorities worldwide. The cataclysmic event strongly proves the need for proactive risk management regarding large-scale storage of ammonium nitrate and other extremely…

GBA: Unified Industrial Fire Service without management, autonomy in the port of Amsterdam
The sea-port area of Amsterdam ranks fourth in terms of economic significance in North-Western Europe. Cruise shipping, tank storage, waste recycling, Seveso-industry and renewable energy are just a few economic hotspots. Stakeholders in the area have chosen to upgrade safety…
Mutual Aid initiative in the Amsterdam harbour to start in 2020

Recently, in the seaport of Amsterdam, the foundations have been laid for a new firefighting organization with a special character. The Amsterdam-Amstelland fire service, the Port of Amsterdam harbour authorities and 16 industrial companies based in the port area have joined forces in a collective fire service tailored to the risk profile of the industry and the port activities.

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