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Trainer in Rescue in Traffic Accidents, Heavy Rescue and Air Rescue.

Propulsion systems in light vehicles

The propulsion systems that vehicles now carry have to be friendly to the environment and Firefighters must know how to work on them safely in vehicle fires and be able to rescue people with security in traffic accidents. Since that…

Emergency lifting with levers – Part 2

Following on from the first part of this feature we will now explore the different types of levers and discuss how they can be used to best effect by rescuers. Types of levers In a traffic accident, depending on how…

Emergency lifting with levers – Part 1

In many emergency situations firefighters will need to lift large weights to perform the rescue of injured people. The manoeuvres we use must be done safely, quickly and efficiently since the time we have to release the injured is limited. …

3D technology and firefighter training

The global pandemic is generating changes to our daily lives that no one imagined could happen. One of the consequences of Covid-19 is the need to establish security measures to protect us from infection. Measures such as social distancing and…

Types of vehicular stabilization

Due to new technological advances in automotive engineering, both mechanical and electronic, and with the incorporation of new vehicle propulsion systems (GNC, LNG, Autogas, hybrids, electrics and hydrogen) we have to constantly update our knowledge to ensure, as far as…

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