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Nick Halmasy is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) in Ontario Canada. He also served for 10 years as a firefighter and Fire Instructor for both municipal and industrial firefighting.

When the loss isn’t gone

As is typical, much of what we learn regarding mental health in our field finds genesis within the military. And, the idea of Ambiguous Loss is no different. Lead by researcher Pauline Boss, Ambiguous Loss grabbed foothold in the grief…

Stopping these 5 habits will lead to a more happy and productive life

The smoke and debris has settled. Hot spots are extinguished. The trucks are clean and back in service. The constant hum of the engines and the roar of the flames is just wearing off and your shoulders still ache from…

Firefighter mental health, resiliency, and ensuring you are mentally fit

PTSD. This acronym, slight and neat, has wreaked havoc upon those it afflicts. “I thought I was stronger than this”. This small, world-destroying statement is not something that is uncommon to hear. Due to the strong “hero” image within the…

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