Roger Startin
Roger Startin
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Roger Startin is Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms and has been part of the Bristol team for over 30 years.

An Interview with Roger Startin

Roger Startin is Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, a leading manufacturer of PPE for firefighters around the world. In this article, International Fire Fighter finds out more about his 37 years with the company. International Fire Fighter: How did…

Trust in PPE

With a host of firefighting PPE available on the international market, varying in cost and quality, how can Fire & Rescue Services ensure they are providing their crew with the best protection? Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms,…

A suit to suit

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, explores the complex variations in PPE requirements for firefighters across the globe, and the challenge of developing PPE to suit specific countries and climates. Across the world, fire and rescue services vary…

Firefighter PPE gets personal

Having joined Bristol Uniforms over 30 years ago, I have been closely involved with the many changes that have taken place in firefighting both in the UK and around the world. Back in 1981, modern professional firefighter clothing was emerging…

Innovative approaches to PPE design

Whilst innovation is fundamental to driving progress through the adoption of new materials and product design, this can also be accompanied by increased costs as new, better performing materials are often intrinsically more costly to produce whilst improved manufacturing techniques…

International success built on local representation

Firefighter garment design varies considerably within countries as fire and rescue services look to adapt fire coats and trousers to meet their specific needs, whilst maintaining the performance standards required by their regional regulating authorities. Internationally, the scale of this…

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