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In an emergency, firefighting equipment designed to fit into the hand is the only way to gain crucial seconds, deploy resources effectively and save lives. This basic principle has been the top priority for AWG for over one hundred years. AWG Fittings GmbH is a complete provider of fire-fighting fittings and fire protection systems. The experience gained from countless operations all over the world is incorporated into the development our equipment. State-of-the-art technology, easy and intuitive handling, robust reliability and always resource-efficient: these are the consistent features of modern fire-fighting systems from AWG Fittings GmbH.

Our range of nozzles covers the needs of firefighters in different situations all over the world. No matter whether they fight fires on ships, in buildings, industrial complexes, close to electrical engines or even in forests – AWG offers a proper nozzle.

The flow rates of our AWG Turbo Nozzles can be selected by the adjusting sleeve, opening and closing by means of the u-shaped handle. Turbo nozzles are equipped with two pointers, a good aid to feel the selected flow rate as well as the type of stream. These features form the basis of all different types of Turbo nozzles.

  • Turbo Nozzles GOLD – a corrosion resistant must have for salty environment
  • TURBOMATIC – automatically regulates water jet and flow rate to compensate pressure fluctuations
  • Turbo Nozzle VENTURI – a self-inducting nozzle for the use of wetting agents

AWG also offers pistol nozzles, jet/spray branchpipes, HS nozzles, water shields, Euro nozzles, nozzles for special applications as well as different kinds of foam nozzles.

For more information, go to www.awg-fittings.com

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