Removing the perceived admin burden may enable greater technology adoption.
Should firefighters think differently when it comes to drone use?

Numerous international case studies exist highlighting the innovative use of drones to aid the tackling…

An overview of Grundon's Hazardous Waste Transfer Station.
Tackling the post-fire clean up and the hazards of hazardous waste

While the immediate impact of any fire will be devastating, it is the way an…

ADR / IMDG Carriage & Warning Labels (c) 2020
The hazards of Oxygen, oxidising agents and organic peroxides

For the firefighter, and emergency services understanding Oxygen, its properties and those of its compounds…

Orbital deployment of the Gyrochute is the long-term goal in order to arrive at any landing site within a few hours.
Wise networking

There’s an old adage that says, ‘no news is good news’. But when disaster strikes,…

The Apple Fire in San Bernadino, California in the OroraTech Wildfire Monitoring Service with the satellite map layer provided by Sentinel data with the hotspot detection and clustering from multiple satellite sources.
OroraTech transforms wildfire detection and monitoring from space

This summer, a record-breaking heatwave in the Arctic Circle has caused wildfires that will leave…

Weber Rescue’s E-Force battery powered hydraulic rescue tools.
Vehicle rescue provision – a new approach to rescue

They say that having a near-death experience can change a person’s perspective and that’s what…

SOPHIE – BTTG’s female test manikin.
The evolution of PPE for the world’s female firefighters

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, looks back on the history of female…

Fig. 3: Water motor with proportioning pump.
Use of foam for firefighting in tank farms of the oil and petrochemical industry – Part 2

Part One of this article described the typical incident scenarios at tank farm fires and…

Figure 1: Fire-related fatalities in Great Britain
The causes of fire fatalities and serious fire injuries in Scotland

Fire fatalities in Great Britain have gradually been decreasing over the last three decades but…

Post electric vehicle fire: The EV being winched into a container for post extinguishment cooling and isolation.
Operational concerns involving Electric and Hybrid Vehicles at vehicle related incidents – Part 2

The true concern with these vehicles is not extrication but fire. We already have vehicles…

Emergency services and accountability

First responders are highly trained individuals who are taught to be observant on the scene…

Firefighters assigned to the South Carolina Air National Guard train for an aircraft fire.
Crisis planning: Establishing a reserve corps

For months, the world has grappled with a crisis of staggering proportions, the havoc imposed…

Latest generation of watertight LUKAS Spreader: SP 333 eWXT (2020).
Battery powered rescue tools

“This is much heavier than our previous equipment”, “And what do I do if I…

Link to digital image of remote pilot from the Airborne International Response Team preparing to fly.
Public Safety Drones: A Global Perspective

The use of aerial drones in firefighting and public safety are growing much faster than…

At its simplest, ‘if you are not in the building on fire, then the fire cannot hurt you’.
Public alerting system for tower block residents

The tragic events at Grenfell Tower on 14 June 2017, when 72 people lost their…

Firefighter using Panasonic rugged devices.
Fire services: Device health is critical for firefighting

The use of technological innovation has always been a big part of a firefighter’s arsenal…

Air Seperation Plant (c) 2015 Linde Gas.
Compressed and Liquified Gases

When Fire and Rescue are called to restore order at an industrial site, such as…

Los Angeles County fire chief directs wildfire operations from a mobile command center.
Advances in communications and emergency warning technology bolster safety for firefighters and the public

The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters recently reported that in 2019, 396…

Firefighting foam action in Wisconsin

Water contamination issues from PFAS are creating pressure on the fire service to make changes…

Occupational firefighter concerns on PFAS: What do Dockers® pants and the precautionary principle have to do with firefighting foams and firefighters?

Occupational firefighter concerns on PFAS: What do Dockers® pants and the precautionary principle have to…

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