Building mind power to create strategies for whole well-being

It’s a silent mayday. For those who have worked in the fire service for any period, you know many who experience burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other forms of mental health challenges. A lack of understanding in how to effectively address these matters has led to an increase in mental/nervous injuries. Sadly, as a result, we have seen a significant increase in suicides in the recent years.

PPE being professionally cleaned at Total Safety in Spain.
Keeping it clean

The provision of cleaning and maintenance services for firefighter PPE varies greatly around the world.…

///tonic.general.pitcher is a 3m x 3m square in Tumut, NSW Australia.
The new addressing system helping emergency services

Emergencies can happen anywhere, from a wildfire in a park to an incident outside one…

The PID department at Bristol Uniforms.
Protection by design

Bristol Uniforms has been at the forefront of firefighter PPE design for more than 60…

Infrared imagery provides a clear view of hotspots and fires while RGB(color) imagery provides a highly detailed aerial view.
How precision imaging systems are improving efficiency

Every year, thousands of first responders are deployed to fires all over the world with…

Calgary Fire Department’s – indoor training facility. The unit pictured carries the cribbing for structural shoring and other rescue equipment.
Investigating the technical rescue variations between the UK and US

Between 2017 and 2018 I was fortunate to be awarded the Winston Churchill Fellowship allowing…

Several Pi Foam pressure vessels protecting a ring-walled gasoline tank in the background at an Oiltanking facility in Central Europe.
A new approach to extinguishing fires on combustible-liquid storage tanks

One of the trickiest challenges a fire fighter will ever face is a full-surface blaze…

The medical aspects of vehicle extrication is probably where we see the greatest international variance.
Is it time for a global approach to vehicle extrication?

Since the arrival of social media and the almost instantaneous exchange of thoughts, values and…

Rupture and explosion of a single battery cell.
Battery safety

Love them or hate them, batteries are an integral part of modern living. However, recent…

Cave rescuers communicating to the surface via the “Michie phone” earth return communication system, minus 250m below ground.
SAR in action: Deep cave rescue

A caver, who has suffered multiple injuries after a fall, is trapped approximately 300 metres…

Stringent building codes impact the selection of methods, tools and equipment used for cutting, breaching and breaking.
Disasters in the developed world

Spending much of the last 30 years involved directly or indirectly in the rescue-equipment business…

Protecting citizens and communities, the first responders are people that we unthinkingly rely on in a crisis.
Communicating in a crisis

Best practice communications are essential to major incident management. This article from Tony Gray, Chief…

Unifire’s ONE app has a clever and intuitive touch-and-drag virtual joystick pad that controls the monitor’s speed and direction.
Advanced control systems for remote controlled monitors and robotic nozzles

At Unifire AB of Sweden (, technology is rapidly progressing in terms of controlling its…

Fingertip excavation at a fire scene.
Improving the standards and competency of fire investigators

Fire investigation can be one of the most complex forensic evidence types. The destructive forces…

Figure 1 Methods of LNG Bunkering.
LNG in your port – Part 2

In the first part of this article, which appeared in the June 2018 issue, we…

Tecniquitel’s office.
Bristol in Europe

Richard Cranham, International Sales Manager at Bristol Uniforms, looks back on 40 years of supplying…

2 Firefighters with MSA M1 SCBA.
The evolution of SCBA

The biggest barrier to firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze, or attempt a rescue within…

Large Class B obstacle fire.
Understanding class ‘B’ obstacle fire hazard situations

Fires occurring within industrial and commercial applications are commonly controlled and extinguished with portable fire…

Monitor in recycling plant.
Remote-controlled fire monitors for fixed firefighting systems

The requirement for automated firefighting is continuously increasing. Remote-controlled monitors, especially in combination with automated…

The 5-10-15-20-inch rule was devised when vehicles had fewer systems.
Airbag deployment during extrication

I have made a point of asking the question: ‘What is the most likely thing…

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