Works great on wet or dry surfaces and is 25 times safer than using a ladder alone.
Ladder lockdown is making the worlds most dangerous tool safer

My name is Troy Kumprey and I am the founder of Ladder Lockdown. I’d like…

It is vital that radio coverage is reliable and secure for front line firefighters.
LTE to 5G: Future-proofed critical communications for public safety

Public Safety organisations have always relied on high-quality critical communication voice services, built on specialised…

We experience the primary stress of our work. But, our families experience this stress through us.
When the loss isn’t gone

As is typical, much of what we learn regarding mental health in our field finds…

Personal protective gear must be prohibited in areas outside the apparatus floor.
The firefighter cancer epidemic: Protect yourself and your crew

Over the past few years, it has been increasingly clear that the fire service is…

Firefighter gross decontamination of self and gear immediately post exposure.
Surviving the fire service – what we know

The fire service has evolved into an “all-hazards” provider of service to protect the public…

Damaged hose is a frequently donated item and often with couplings that the FD don’t even use.
Donations: An essential guide – Part 1

It’s a sad fact that less privileged Firefighters often reach out to developed nations asking…

The Power of Heat: understanding thermal severity in regards to the fire environment.
Common misconceptions of thermal imaging use – Myths versus Facts

The fire service has been using thermal imaging cameras successfully since the 1990’s. Many lives…

Deputy Fire Chief John Sokol at Firehouse Expo offering free autism training to all attendees.
What you don’t know can hurt you!The First Responder vs. Autism

This article is not intended to be a replacement for first responder autism awareness training;…

PF1: The Pathfinder Search and Rescue Way-finder puck is about the size of a small smoke detector. It uses smart technology to track the movement of firefighters inside a building. A propriety tracking sensor which is about the size of a quarter, is attached inside each firefighters’ helmet and communicates with the unit.
The Pathfinder – Search and Rescue way-finder system

The International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation was established in 2014. The Forum is…

A specialized wind tunnel in WPI’s fire lab is helping researchers better understand wildfire behavior.
Why we need more support for wildland fire research

The threat to people and property from wildland fires is increasing, fueled by a combination…

Live video can help commanders take action “in the moment” that can save lives and minimise damage.
Live streaming video – A new depth of situational awareness

In Europe, 2 million to 2.5 million fires are reported per year, resulting in up…

What is your size-up? 18 wheeler accident involving several hundred gallons of alcohol.
Sizing-up hazmat incidents

In the world of fire and emergency services, hazardous materials incidents have some of the…

Revised Station configuration (Cross-hatched areas represent additions and remodeled areas.)
Understanding policy and procedure: A must for station design

A synergetic relationship between policy and design are extremely important in the layout of Fire Stations. The article will address this relationship and the effects on the long-term health of the firefighters that live and work there.

Firefighters standing by to extinguish fire at California Conference of Arson Investigators seminar in San Luis Obispo, California.
Cross-over trainings: A unique approach to unifying the fire service

If all the fire service divisions within a fire department can combine their training, education,…

All genuine PPE suppliers will adhere to appropriate international standards.
Trust in PPE

With a host of firefighting PPE available on the international market, varying in cost and…

The UK Government will still wish to deploy its expertise in support of foreign policy. UK AID is still likely to support deployable capability following crisis or disaster in the form of its Search, Rescue and Medical teams.
International collaboration is never the wrong answer…

As the UK draws closer to an uncertain Brexit, the prospect of many existing international…

Dauntless Air Fire Boss completes a drop as part of a recent training exercise.
How optimized initial attack strategies are winning a new wildfire war

Around the world, wildfire behavior is changing. In the U.S., climate change, unhealthy forests and…

The HRET demonstrating articulated flexibility when reaching over obstacles.
High Reach Extendable Turrets (HRET) – Beyond airports

The high reach extendable turret or HRET as known in the firefighting industry greatly enhances…

University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Simulation Health and Care.
Realistic multi-agency training and exercising

Realistic training is an often-used phrase in the emergency services. Most would define this as…

Gary Carroll and Diesel taking part in a search and rescue exercise on a rubble pile.
Scotland’s hottest fire dog is set to go viral

Diesel will tell his fans about how he works to protect Scotland’s communities and it…

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