The Emergency Services Show – Exhibitor Showcase 2017

Firefighters conduct overhaul operations.
Class A Foam – A force multiplier in structural and wildland firefighting

As a largely misunderstood firefighting tactic, the use of foam has at times been confusing…


Gazeboshop, one of Europe’s largest and most respected suppliers of pop up gazebos, instant shelters and mini marquees will showcase its ever-growing range of products at the forthcoming Emergency Services Show in September.

With four grades of frame strength, various sizes and a multitude of colours to choose from, we are sure to have an instant shelter to suit your needs.

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of emergency service providers including ambulance trusts, fire and rescue services and police forces; supplying them with high quality, robust instant shelters.

Our pop up gazebos not only provide the emergency services with instant shelter from the weather, they also serve as a base for their equipment and crew. Their ‘pop up’ design means they are quick and easy to set-up and can be collapsed down to a portable size for ease of transportation.

Our speciality is digitally printed gazebos! Many organisations opt to personalise/brand their gazebo for great visual impact at events and to help promote initiatives/services and boost support.

Unrivalled when it comes to quality, reliability and value for money; all our gazebos come with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to three years and are 100% waterproof, UV stable and flame retardant.

For more information, go to

Galen Limited

Galen Limited, a UK company based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, widely known for its novel Trustsaver® portfolio, which provides the NHS with value for money, quality medicines and dependable supply that customers can rely on, is now taking these core values into the specialised medicines market.

Galen is delighted be the exclusive distributor of Penthrox® in the UK and Ireland. Penthrox® is indicated for emergency relief of moderate to severe acute pain in conscious adult patients with trauma, and invites delegates to visit stand J79 to learn more about our innovative offering.

Join us at stand J79 to learn more about Penthrox and find out about the complimentary training taking place at this year’s Emergency Services Show in co-operation with The ATACC Group.

Purchasing PENTHROX in the UK

Penthrox is available through AAH for all NHS Trusts (hospital, ambulance and air ambulances) and the military.

For all other private providers, PENTHROX can be purchased through Lewis Medical Supplies.

Purchasing PENTHROX in the ROI

All customers in the Republic of Ireland can purchase through Uniphar wholesalers or directly from Galen.

Martek Lifecare

Are you equipped to save someone’s life against the world’s biggest killer? Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can affect anyone, anywhere at any time, killing over 3 million people every year. When a person suffers from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the most important life-saving tool for first responders.
Martek Lifecare exclusively sell Defibtech products, which is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of AEDs. The Lifeline range have been proven to be the easiest to use AEDs, the most robust and hardwearing units and best AED for workplace installations and public access sites.
We are also proud to introduce the Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device. The Lifeline ARM is used to perform mechanical chest compressions when effective manual CPR is not possible. Whether on the ground, in an ambulance cot, or at the hospital, the Lifeline ARM is your solution for uninterrupted CPR.
Come and visit our stand ‘C86’ at The Emergency Services show to see demonstrations of our AED’s and ARM, as well as exclusive bundle pricing and exciting giveaways!

Freelance Surgical

Freelance surgical are a global distributor for medical equipment associated with surgical procedures. The UK Bristol based company have two main specialist fields; Orthopaedic and Anaesthesia. For over 25 years they have nurtured a pioneering relationship with the German based manufacturer VBM. They are notoriously known for extremely high quality and medical ingenuity, inventing and designing lifesaving products such as the cuff manometer.
This year at the Emergency Services Show on stand G19, Freelance Surgical will be offering demonstrations of advanced airway techniques. They have been working with a number of ambulance trusts providing them with free training and product knowledge in a CICO (Can’t intubate can’t oxygenate) scenario. Using simulators, cricothyroidotomy training is delivered with an ingenious piece of advanced airway kit called ‘Quicktrach II’. The wide bore cannula with metal needle eradicates the need to use a scalpel and enables ventilation with a resus bag in a matter of seconds. In addition, the attached cuff provides protection against aspiration. It is extremely effective and very safe to use, there is a safety ‘stopper’ that prevents the needle from being inserted too deep (reducing the risk of posterior tracheal wall perforation).
If you’re interested in a free demonstration of the Quicktrach II and cricothyroidotomy techniques, get in touch with Freelance Surgical on 01934 864280 or email

Task Force Distribution – LOWA

LOrenz WAgner founded LOWA in the Bavarian village of Jetzendorf near Munich in Germany in 1923 making brogue oxford shoes. The high quality work involved in the production of the Norwegian welt-stitched shoes stemmed from traditional techniques used in the Bavarian mountains. In 1930/31 Lowa’s first manufacturing facility was built. Further success ensued with Alpine boots for the mountain infantry along with lace-up ski boots. Lorenz Wagner passed away in the 1950’s and the second generation of the Wagner family took the business over.

Ground-breaking innovations followed, manmade materials, vulcanised rubber soles, air injected sole units along with the first polyurethane injection moulding systems.

In 1996 the Jetzendorf facility was expanded and in 2000 Lowa sold over 1 million pairs of boots and shoes. Lowa continues its commitment to European production in its original headquarters. In 2010 Lowa manufactured 2 million pairs of shoes and boots and is on course to manufacture 3 million pairs of boots and shoes by 2020.

Customers appreciate the heritage, comfort and innovation and value the function, fit and quality of LOWA boots. Lowa boots have been used worldwide in areas as diverse as Mali with the French Army, Special Forces worldwide and in the Belgian Prison Service.

Task Force Distribution has been the UK importer and distributor for the Lowa TF collection since 2011 and will be exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show on stand E15.


Established in 1973, Versapak manufacture equipment bags for the emergency services. These include backpacks and holdalls to carry paramedic trauma apparatus, insulated blood carriers, protective oxygen tank holders and bags to safely store cervical collars.

We work with Air Ambulances all over the country to offer them improved ways in which to carry life saving equipment.  Most notably we teamed up with London’s Air Ambulance and developed a tamper evident medical bag to transport specialist medications for rapid response missions.  The bags are protective, insulated, colour coded and can survive a drop test of 1.2metres without damaging the contents. London’s Air Ambulance continues saving lives everyday and we are proud to have supported them. Versapak has also worked with Ambulance Services in the UK and overseas and with London Fire Brigade to develop an improved version of the IEC bag.

Versapak bags can be used over 2,000 times and come with a 5 year guarantee.  We can customise our bags to suit your exact requirements which includes different colours and organisation branding.  As well as bags we also manufacture security seals for a range of purposes such as securing equipment and vehicle doors.   Contact us today for more information.

XVR Simulation

XVR Simulation believes in enhancing the competence and expertise of safety, emergency & incident response professionals with simulation. We do this by creating flexible, reliable & user-friendly programs where learning is key and the instructor is in control. Every program offers an immersive learning environment for all levels of incident command, to be used in both single- and multi-agency exercises.

XVR features a large number of training environments combined with a library full of realistic models, buildings, vehicles and objects. XVR Simulation gives customers unparalleled freedom and options to build their own training environments and scenario’s, including the possibility to recreate an existing environment using Google Earth images and photographs.

Our products offer an affordable, flexible and highly effective training solution. XVR Simulation is a valuable addition to traditional real life training, offering a repeatable learning environment at a low cost.

XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology with over 200 educators in more than 30 countries worldwide using XVR to train 70,000 incident responders every year. Our main user groups are schools & training centres, emergency services, industry & infrastructure, and maritime & offshore.

British APCO

British APCO is a growing community with extensive communications knowledge gained as a result of delivering real life public safety.  We are an independent, user led, not for profit association working to improve emergency services and public safety communications and information technology for everybody’s benefit.

Our members come from all sectors of the supplier and user community, and we would like you to join us as we continue to increase our public safety audience and create a stronger connection between our membership and the sector.

Membership is free for employees of Public Sector or Public Safety Organisations.

Commercial membership rates are also available.

Why should you join us?

We are going from strength to strength at this critical time for public safety communications – be a part of our growing community
We are at the forefront of the dialogue for everything relating to public safety communications – join the conversation and help us to influence the future of our sector
Gain free access to all BAPCO events
Receive our Journal which has key sector updates
We listen and react to the needs of our members and have recently introduced a platform for Small Business commercial members
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Surf Life Saving GB

Surf Life Saving GB – Search and Rescuers where and when needed!

We deliver Search and Rescue, whether from our national ‘Flood Response Service’ or by our Surf Life Guards. Our awards, courses, and fitness levels are aimed at the development and honing of the skills to save lives. Annually we issue over 4,000+ Lifesaving training awards. Our Life Guards recognise and deal with life threatening situations whilst sustaining and managing “search and rescue” to actively prevent drowning and avoid danger.

SLSGB nurtures and embeds voluntary SAR services in our communities. SLSGB qualified Surf Life Guards provide advice to the public, save lives and administer first aid. We constantly seek improvement. Our new Patrol Framework led by the ‘Patrol Captain’s initiative is about returning to volunteer patrols on beaches for times when there’s no provided cover and to patrol unprotected beaches (with help and support from RNLI and declaration to HM Coast Guard).

Our Flood Rescue Teams, always on standby, are busy either training or acquiring equipment and the vital fundraising to keep the project developing – after all, if we didn’t do this who would?

Through our National Safety Officer, we educate, train and share knowledge. We offer services, expert advice and development of risk assessments for water related event operators and managers by bespoke training and advice on Water Safety Management based on Search and Rescue best practice.

For our people, lifesaving is the activity of Search and Rescue, in its simplest form, relying on the fitness, endurance, experience and courage of a Lifesaver.

Sole Mates

Sole Mates insoles ‘float the foot’ on a cushion of glycerine that displaces to spread your weight more evenly across the whole foot. Because it has no shape the fluid moulds to the shape of the foot, lifting and supporting the arch, helping to relieve pressure on the ball and heel of the foot. The support to the arch provides instant relief for plantar fasciitis and fallen arches for the majority of people, this support helps to reduce lower back pain as it tilts you back to make you stand straighter.

The fluid also acts as a shock absorber in the shoe, absorbing the impact on the heel and ball of the foot as you walk, pushing the fluid back and forward across the sole of the foot, continually massaging the foot and boosting circulation to legs and feet, reducing wear and tear on the ankles, knees and hips.

Because they contain a fluid they don’t flatten or wear out and are extremely thin, which enables them to be worn in all types of footwear and yet provide maximum support for the wearer – particularly for people wearing safety boots or those who have to stand or walk for long periods of time.

National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding.  We do this by:

Helping people to prepare for flooding in order to prevent it or mitigate its impacts
Helping people to recover their lives once they have been flooded
Campaigning on behalf of flood risk communities and working with government and agencies to ensure that they develop a community perspective.
It can take anything from six months to two years or more to reinstate a flooded property to a habitable state.

The heartbreak of realising what’s been lost to the flood water, coupled with the task of rebuilding can be overwhelming and stressful.  

With 15 years experience of supporting flooded people, the charity offers help across a range of problems including surveys, loss adjustors, insurance claims, applying for grants, reinstating a property, as well as health and wellbeing.

Floods can have a major impact on mental health. Considering most people regard their home as a safe and secure place to return to at the end of each day, it’s not difficult to understand how seeing it destroyed in a flood can be devastating.

For more information, go to

Air, Rail and Marine Accident Investigation

Are you one of the first emergency services on the scene of an air, marine or rail accident? Perhaps you manage a control room for one of the emergency services. If so, you’ll want to visit our stand at the Emergency Services Show. We are the AAIB, MAIB and RAIB – the three independent branches of the Department for Transport that investigate air, marine and rail accidents.

To help prevent similar accidents from happening again, our evidence gathering starts from the point of notification through search and rescue stages to forensic examination of the site. At the Emergency Services Show, our staff will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know so that if you’re at an accident site, you can help preserve evidence that can provide us with vital clues to establish the cause.

Transport accidents pose some serious difficulties to the emergency services. Ballistic recovery systems in small aircraft, confined spaces on ships, 100s of tonnes of dangerous goods inside derailed freight rail wagons. Would you know how to approach evidence preservation in these environments?

Visit us at the Show to learn about all of this and more.

For more information please visit our websites:


Vimpex is a specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Safety Equipment, Technical Rescue products, thermal imaging and Power Solutions to the Paramedic, Rescue, Police, Military and associated markets. Our expertise in sourcing high quality and dependable products is highly valued by our emergency service customers. We aim to provide quality products at competitive prices, fast delivery and offer exceptional after sales service.

Our team is trained in the demonstration, service and repair of all tools and equipment we sell. We are official service and warranty repair agents for all petrol and electric Makita products, Paratech rescue equipment, as well Ogura Rescue and Industrial Tools

Vimpex only sell products we can repair and maintain. All our staff are trained in correct and safe use, maintenance and repair of the products we sell. All products feature long warranties which are fully supported by Vimpex, its suppliers, its subsidiaries and its distributors. We take service and maintenance seriously and understand that professional products require professional support.

We like our products to be used for the purposes they were designed – that’s to save people’s lives and to make our users and the public safer. Our experience tells us that those trained in the use of the tools and products we sell utilise them more effectively, efficiently and most importantly safely.

Vimpex can offer training courses appropriate to the products we sell. For more information call us on +44 (0) 1702 216999.


TEXPORT located in Austria, is one of the most innovative international specialist manufacturers of firefighter clothing. Setting new standards in design and functionality.

In the evaluation process of the southeast tender, we are proud to point out that TEXPORT® delivered both innovation and quality which was clearly the best available according to the overall test results. This outstanding garment will be one of the highlights to be showcased at this year’s ESS in Birmingham.

TEXPORT is determined to deliver improved benefits to the end-user through superior design and technology. These leading edge solutions are primarily achieved by focus
on four key design areas,

• Fabrics and materials
• Comfort, design, cut
and shape
• Functional design efficiencies
• Cost savings to
the Fire Service

Underpinning these are strong collaborative partnerships with the largest and most reputable component suppliers.

With export sales to over 40 countries TEXPORT garments are certified to all of the relevant standards required in each of those locations.

A key platform to Texport’s reputation and success is ownership of all of our manufacturing facilities. This gives us total control of quality and delivery commitments.

Visit us at ESS to see our broad range of personal protective clothing!

Scott Safety

Award Winning Scott Sight on show at ESS 2017

At this year’s Emergency Services Show Scott Safety will be proudly demonstrating their award winning Scott Sight, the world’s first in-mask thermal intelligence system. As a firefighting industry first, Scott Sight is paving the road on which others will follow. This ground-breaking technology enables firefighters to have a clear, unobstructed view of their surroundings whilst also keeping a hands-free image in view at all times. Winner of the Popular Science award and most recently nominated for the German Design Award for ‘Excellent Product Design’.

Scott will also be addressing the issue of the ‘healthy firefighter’, showing its complete range of products, aiming to protect the firefighter not only in the midst of a scene but also throughout it’s clean up. Here solutions such as the lightweight, intuitive AVIVA half-mask and intelligent, durable Duraflow will lead the way in protection.

Find out more at

Ruth Lee

Ruth Lee are the experts in fire and rescue training manikins. With more than 60 years’ experience, we are dedicated to helping professionals who save lives by supplying essential equipment for their training.

Our extensive range of manikins includes Fire House manikins, which are perfect for BA snatch rescue training and ‘hot fire cell’ training and are able to withstand temperatures of around 160°C/320°F at floor level (400°C/752°F at the ceiling!).

In response to recommendations from the Chief Fire Officers Association for recruitment and annual fitness tests, we have also created a Casualty Evacuation manikin. This manikin comes complete with drag harness and leg protectors for added durability.

With the prevalence of obesity in the UK, one of our most popular ranges is our Bariatric manikins. These weigh in at 90kgs (198lbs), 180kgs (397lbs) and 260kgs (573lbs) to allow your teams to practise rescues involving larger people. The 90kgs model is perfect for when additional bulk is required without too much excessive weight.

This is just a short overview of our full range which can be found at

At Ruth Lee, we understand that you need manikins which are as hardworking as your team! We are therefore committed to the design and manufacture of products which are versatile, fit-for-purpose and durable.

The Resilience Advisors Network

The Resilience Advisors Network is a specialist consultancy providing commercially experienced experts with recent backgrounds in the Emergency Service, Security and Defence sectors.

The Network is a diverse group of highly experienced top technicians and senior officers from across UK, Europe, the Middle East and USA. All Advisors come professionally recommended with a proven and documented record of success across public and private enterprises.

Individually, Advisors are used to taking their knowledge and putting it to work to benefit you and your organisation. Working as a group, they offer unique breadth of insight and penetration into the markets that can help you succeed.

Advisors are most commonly commissioned alone but can work together in groups – whatever best supports the results you’re seeking.

With an absolute focus on outcomes, the Network typically helps advise and deliver; focused market intelligence, targeted product development and launch, sector-relevant business growth, training and other critical resilience-related projects.

Providing proven experts in all aspects of delivery and assurance with skills developed over many years working with top resilience bodies, the Network looks forward to discussing how we might help your business grow in these often hard-to-reach markets.


The Onspot system is basically a simple and very reliable concept. It is a wheel fitted with several chains that is lowered and held towards the driving wheels. When the chain wheel rotates the chains are placed under the driving wheels to increase traction.

Onspot is engaged only when needed – up to 50km/h (35mph) without having to stop the vehicle. It works whether you are accelerating, braking or in a loss of traction situation. When engaged traction is obtained in
forward or reverse.

Onspot is conveniently engaged and disengaged by pressing a button on the dashboard. It is a trouble-free and ever-present solution for avoiding delays due to slippery road conditions.

With over 150,000 systems installed during four decades Whatever your driving profession, icy and slippery roads may jeopardise your ability to do your job. The stress and risk of personal injury when problems occur and you must get out of the cab to mount conventional snow chains is the same for all drivers.

Onspot is a way to avoid that stress, maintaining comfort and safety and to get you to your destination in time. Just press the button.

For the rescue driver a short response time could be critical for saving lives and properties. Delays from slippery roads or reduced pass ability must be avoided, or reduced by any means. Onspot is a means for saving time – ultimately helping to save lives.

O&H Vehicle Conversions

Customers are at the core of everything we do. We believe in working together in partnership.

We know your Emergency vehicles have to work hard throughout their lifetime to support your team, which is why we consistently deliver quality products which continue to perform.

At O&H Vehicle Conversions, innovation, creativity, quality and excellence come together to provide solutions that enhance the performance of our customer’s everyday business.

We listen to our customers to understand their challenges and goals, and create innovative solutions that deliver in line with mutual objectives. From consultancy and design, through to vehicle build and timely delivery, you can be assured of a partner who will work alongside you to help shape the future of your business.

Our six-acre site houses a purpose built 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility which offers the benefit of high volume vehicle build capacity, giving you the peace of mind that O&H Vehicle Conversions can be flexible when it comes to the changing requirements of your business.

The scale of our organisation allows our partners to benefit from our great buying power, enabling savings to be passed on to your core business activities.

At O&H Vehicle Conversions excellence is expected.

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