Issue 55 – September 2017

Balancing firefighter protection is like a 3-Dimensional chess game

The alarming rate of cancer diagnoses among firefighters is very real and very serious. What…

The ProMove Bari-kit has been specifically designed for moving and handling and rescue by the emergency services.
ProMove Bari-kit – Designed to help you help others, supplied to specialist rescue teams

Moving and handling individuals, particularly plus size individuals, is becoming an ever more common situation,…

Delegates integrate and discuss responses, issues, challenges and explore strategic and tactical solutions to a complex hazmat scenario.
Hazmat 2017 – Pivotal event reaches 10 year milestone, with record attendance levels

Hazmat 2017 marks the biggest and best year in the event’s history. For the 10th…

Fig. 4: Rehabilitation, confined space ventilation.
How to choose a fan

Selecting a fan for firefighting and rescue operations, much like a hand line nozzle, comes…

Close racing in the Solent.
UKFSC 2017 – Record breaking year for the United Kingdom Firefighters Sailing Challenge

The 14th United Kingdom Firefighters Sailing Challenge (UKFSC) took place from the 8th to the…

Training for technical search operations.
Training for Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) in the UK

USAR in the UK Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) has undergone some dramatic changes over…

Hauling aloft – three floors high, Firefighters pull a 20kg Angus Fire rolled hose to the top of the tower.
Leicester hosts ‘hot’ competition

The British Firefighter Challenge (BFC) 2017 made Leicester its home for this year’s competition after…

Firefighters conduct overhaul operations.
Class A Foam – A force multiplier in structural and wildland firefighting

As a largely misunderstood firefighting tactic, the use of foam has at times been confusing…

Members of the FDNY watch President George W. Bush as he surveys Ground Zero.
The realities of firefighting and mental health

In June, the London Fire Brigade responded to one of the most tragic incidents the…

EPU equipment being used to contain fire water runoff from a large waste fire.
The environmental impact of fire service activities

The explosion and subsequent fire at the fuel storage depot at Buncefield are familiar to…

Terminal on Fire.
Overfilling tanks: Disasters and prevention

The recent 3-part article by Shelley and Tarantino said “Overfill ground, dike, or bund fires…

EvacPro+ provides ‘lots of handles for lots of people’.
Plus size evacuation – What is the solution?

One of the consequences of modern living with its obtundents of high energy foods and…

Firefighter PPE must be ergonomic and comfortable, as well as protective.
Fit for action

When designing PPE for firefighters, providing protection against the dangers of fire is of course…

It is not possible to multitask the act of paying attention. This can present real challenges for responders working in environments where rapidly changing conditions may require performing multiple concurrent tasks.
The Deadly Dozen: Twelve barriers that can impact situational awareness – Part 3

Flawed situational awareness is one of the leading contributing factors in first responder near-miss and…

Self-Evacuation in progress. The evacuee is automatically lowered inside the HRES Evacuation Suit at 1 meter per second.These suits are over-sized to accompany an adult and child together, elderly or the disabled.
Supplemental evacuation equipment for high-rise towers

“Learn from history or you’re doomed to repeat it”. You’ve heard this before. I’m just…

Firefighters cannot avoid all risks. We must control health risk factors that are modifiable.
An unfair hand

Most of us enter the fire service knowing that danger and risk are inherent parts of the job. We know that we will be exposed to heat, smoke, and flame, but many do not realize the hidden dangers that we face far away from the fireground.

Becoming a firefighter is a choice. But it is a choice that comes with a requirement to fully commit to the higher standards that come with the profession, regardless of whether you are paid or volunteer. As David J. Soler shares in the book Firefighter Functional Fitness, “The deck of cards is stacked against firefighters and their health. When we took the firefighter oath, we never knew that our life expectancy would automatically be reduced by the hazards that confront us. Take your pick: Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, inhalation hazards, dehydration, overexertion, heat stress, sleep deprivation and disorders, traumatic and thermal injuries, psychological and emotional stress, PTSD, infectious disease, physical assault…. On and on, the list of hazards and ‘career side effects’ continues with almost no end in sight.”1  

From left NOC staff, John Paton, St John Stanley and Tony van den Enden nearing end of 7 miles of paddling in near white-out conditions, Nantahala river.
International Floodfighting Masterclass 2017

Our 2017 Masterclass in flood response and rescue techniques centred on Charlotte Fire Department (CFD)…

Visitors and exhibitors at the Flood Expo 2016.
Flood Expo – The World’s largest flood exhibition and conference is coming to London

On the 27th & 28th of September, London ExCeL will once again swing open its…

Lincolnshire firefighters put their TITAN 1260 kit through its paces.
Lincolnshire firefighters enjoying “many benefits” of new kit

Firefighters at a UK fire and rescue service have become the first to successfully introduce…

The Emergency Services Show 2017 Exhibitor Showcase

Expertise and equipment at the UK’s largest event for emergency services Returning to the NEC,…

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