Issue 56 – December 2017

Ten time-tested truths for the future

Only 4 or 5 months ago (it seems), I was a firefighter on the busiest…

Every PBI fabric provides the required protection from heat and flame that an outer fabric must deliver.
PBI Fabrics – The firefighter’s first line of defence

PBI fabrics are renowned for their unique combination of flame resistance, durability and comfort, which…

Profile in use for competency recording during training events.
KIM Software Solutions – Training and competency management application to improve efficiency

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service have collaborated with KIM Software on the highly…

What’s new with… Firefighting Pumps

With the greatly increased emphasis on firefighter safety, the leading manufacturers have boosted their research…

A Flame Refluxer unit with two rings of 20-inch-tall coils undergoes a test in the burn pan at the Joint Maritime Test Facility. During the test burns, crude oil was pumped continuously from below the test stand to maintain a one-centimeter-thick oil slick. The relatively thin, gray smoke is an indication of the more complete combustion, the result of the Flame Refluxer superheating the crude oil layer.
Fighting oil spills with fire

Traditional methods for cleaning up oil spills, like collecting the oil with mechanical skimmers and…

Ward Diesels No Smoke Exhaust Removal System installed on ARFF Vehicles.
Cancer has become an epidemic within the Fire Service Industry

Firefighters and First Responders are exposed to dangerous toxins every day they are on the…

Photo 1 – Damage viewed after terrorist attack on the USS Cole.
Maritime terrorism on ferries and the land-based firefighter – Part 1

When we think about terrorism we usually associate it with gunfire and a military or…

The right fabric and design are essential to avoid heat stress.
A suit to suit

Roger Startin, Joint Managing Director of Bristol Uniforms, explores the complex variations in PPE requirements…

Stoping these 5 habits will lead to a more happy and productive life. Both inside the station and out.
Stopping these 5 habits will lead to a more happy and productive life

The smoke and debris has settled. Hot spots are extinguished. The trucks are clean and…

WillBurt NightScan Light Tower with 4x XL-200 LED fixtures shown. Light elevated to eliminate glare and improve visibility.
Bigger is not always better in the age of modern lighting technology

For the last 25 years, lighting manufacturers have been in a fierce competition to out-shine…

To reduce manpower and apparatus requirements for remote firefighting emergencies, floating source pumps (FSP) can fill the need.
The rural water supply challenge

Countless rural communities around the globe face an endemic problem, a lack of a pressurized…

Reach and Rescue’s Telescopic Rescue Pole extends to a length of 17 metres in just 20 seconds, allowing operators to remain in a safe zone while conducting swift and directionally accurate rescues, even in hazardous conditions.
A universal solution for emergency responders

With the world’s eyes watching devastation unfold this summer as a result of Hurricanes Harvey…

Damaged masks line a table in the station’s repair room.
Magnolia Fire Department becomes tech-savvy with 3D printer

Prompted by a communication breakdown during a massive wildfire, the department invested in a Gigabot…

Brunsbuttel (SH) Fire Brigade was one of the first to select GORE® PARALLON™ System.
GORE® PARALLON™ System Put through its paces in training exercise aboard a German Navy frigate

Brunsbüttel (SH) Fire Brigade was one of the first services to select GORE® PARALLON™ System…

NCEC offers telephone-based 24/7 specialist chemical advice, staffed by chemical experts.
Milk powder or anthrax? Why you need a chemist in your pocket

When fire crews attend incidents involving unknown, potentially hazardous materials, Hazmat officers are called on…

Using water pumped in from nearby Marine Creek Lake, first responders extinguish a fire that is part of a simulated train derailment at Tarrant County College’s First Service Training Center.
College’s training center offers real-world experiences

Katie Lorenz, a field medic with Austin-Travis County EMS, wades without hesitation into an onslaught…

Firefighters must focus their fitness efforts on incorporating movements required on the fireground.
Firefighter fitness: A functional approach

The fireground demands work capacity – plain and simple. There’s no app for forcing doors, advancing hose lines, or hooking ceiling. Achieving optimal work capacity is dependent on your functional training, which must be dynamic, comprehensive, and built for performance.

Firefighters pride themselves on their strategies, tactics, and skills. But when it really comes down to it, being “fit for duty” is the true foundation of every successful firefighter. You may be a tactical fireground expert, but if you are exhausted after climbing a few flights of stairs in full personal protective equipment, then it is time to take an honest look in the mirror and make some changes.

2001 World Trade Centre, Manhattan, USA.
High rise fires

As cities become denser the requirement to build upward toward the sky will continue. Modern…

Firefighters’ Mural 2015; acrylic on 10x45 foot wall at Oakland Park Fire Rescue Station #87.
Firefighter Mural – Oakland Park Fire Station, Florida

The City of Oakland Park launched a ‘Call to Artists’ regarding a mural project at…

Gregg Van de Creek teaching children ‘stop, drop and roll’.
Africa Fire Mission

When a wife drags her husband on a weeklong mission trip, an international effort to salvage African fire departments is not usually what follows.

To call the Mathare Valley a neighborhood is misleading. Sitting on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, it’s densely populated, extremely impoverished, and completely ignored. The official-sounding term for this unofficial community is African Informal Settlement, but most would refer to it as a slum. Almost a century ago in America, it would have been called a shantytown, or Hooverville – a not-so-subtle dig at the president who presided over the Great Depression. No one would imagine any official fire service could reach the narrow and crumbling paths that crisscross Mathare Valley, but from Nairobi – Kenya’s capital – one would expect more.

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