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Cold Cut Systems (CCS) delivering Cobra innovation to enhance safety and fire fighting capability

The coldcut™cobra cutting extinguisher is a highly effective fire fighting system which has been developed and refined following in excess of 15 years of high end engineering and design input in Sweden.

Providing a very high velocity water jet, operating at 300bars and 200 m/s, it is capable of being directed to any external surface of a compartment. An entrained abrasive creates a rapid piercing effect, which is immediately followed by a very fine spray with droplets of less than 70 microns. The consequence is that fire crews have no need to enter until the internal fire conditions are controlled and the heat is significantly reduced.

Its ability to cut through an external wall is very striking, but the speed at which it reduces the heat within the compartment is even more impressive, enabling firefighters to rapidly enter the fire compartment to complete operations. In effect it uniquely provides the means by which firefighters can very quickly attack and control an internal fire, during its highly dynamic and hazardous early stages, from the safety of a position outside the compartment. Its very efficient use of water, just 60 litres per minute, provides the capability to significantly reduce damage to property and offers very clear environmental advantages.


The coldcut™cobra has been a big part of Scandinavian firefighting for a long time. In fact the oldest unit is still operating in Sweden as a front line firefighting resource 15 years after purchase. At present over 700 coldcut™cobra systems are being used worldwide in 30 countries, with approximately 250 being deployed in Scandinavia and the UK alone.

Cobra’s capability is convincing more and more fire and rescue services to fully integrate it into front line firefighting provision. CCS feel that the coldcut™cobra should be seen as a significant addition to firefighting capability and operational safety, and places a lot of importance on the method as well as the product. By working closely with its network of training academies and directly with its growing base of customers, CCS are confident that Cobra will become an even more integral part of firefighting operations worldwide.

For more information please visit www.coldcutsystems.com

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