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Critical Operations Raises Global Profile

Having been recruited in 1998 as a Corporal Watch Commander deployed at Al Qusais fire station, a key station in the developing Dubai, my role was multi-functional and included writing new training and development policies for operational crews, together with setting fire safety inspection regimes and controls for the Risk profile around Dubai. Operationally I was involved in many major incidents often being tested at an early stage as to my suitability for progression through the ranks as a potential strategic officer.

In 1999 I was selected for an international fire officer training program in Toronto, Canada where I successfully gained my first degree in ‘Fire Science’ and a diploma degree in ‘Fires in Airports and Seaports’.

In 2000 I was appointed as a District Officer taking charge of many incidents as the initial incident commander, whilst still continuing with my studies, my appetite was there for an intense career in Civil Defence and the protection of life and property. In 2002 I was appointed as a Station Director focusing on policy writing for operations, communications and training.

As the new operations control room was being developed and expanded in 2005, in order to keep pace with the rapidly developing Dubai, I was deployed as the Senior Group Officer responsible for staffing, training and equipping the control suite.

After graduating with a bachelor degree in ‘Law’ from Dubai Police Academy in 2007 and attaining another diploma for ‘Operations Room Management’ from Germany in 2014, I was further promoted to the rank of Senior Director of Operations, in charge of the department.

Dubai’s dynamic profile is evolving at incredible pace with the risk footprint constantly changing. We live in a very exciting vibrant country and our unique city is full of expression and ambition – a densely populated, multi-cultural environment embedded with a sentiment of satisfaction and safety.

Such growth and a constantly changing skyline, the Civil Defence mission is to keep pace with the uniquely challenging structures and designs whilst ensuring the skill development and technical requirement provides a benchmarked, yet smart resilience, whilst uniquely striving to be one of the safest cities in the World.

Those that have visited Dubai will understand the label of ‘smart city’ and we at Civil Defence are continually seeking for ‘smart solutions’ with an endeavor to remain at the leading edge of technology and skill development so we can protect our environment. From firstly advising architects and designers with fire engineered solutions and agreeing on a core ‘brand protection’ philosophy, through an integrated building management system for early detection and alerting to a dedicated set of operating procedures that sets out best practice tactics and tested interoperability with all emergency agencies and stakeholders.

We have been extremely busy with awareness and educational campaigns targeting sectors that required some additional efforts, with a concentration of closely monitored interactive drills and exercises giving direct advice to the recipients whilst at the same time testing our response and command structures. These measures are now showing positive results not just from a learning platform but operationally now we have been tested and we are delighted to see direct successes. This doesn’t mean the job is done, in fact far from it, we will continue to improve and to strive for higher excellence through further learning, research and development.

Having recently been decorated for actions in several incidents as Incident Commander and receiving an award for achievements as a dedicated Civil Defence Officer, who has made a positive impact in the Organisation by always welcoming and sharing knowledge through best practices with International partners and Organizations. This included promoting the joint cooperation and policy sharing between Dubai Civil Defence and key international fire and rescue authorities aimed at sharing knowledge. I have also been extremely supportive towards the establishment of the UAE GCC IFE branch, and am enthusiastic in developing the local branch activities not only within the Dubai Civil Defence but across the Emirates in all sectors.

Based at the Dubai Civil Defence Headquarters, I will always extend a friendly welcome for any visitor who has a wish to share experiences, whilst modestly showing the successes of the Dubai Civil Defence Fire and Rescue Departments with of course my fellow Commanders and Officers keen to meet and discuss with any Civil Defence or Fire and Rescue colleagues.

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<p>Director of Operations Department – Dubai Civil Defence</p>

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