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Cutters Edge Introduces H² Series MULTI-CUT Rotary Rescue Saws and The BULLETBLADE


Since 1984 Cutters Edge has engineered and manufactured Fire Rescue Saws specifically designed to be used by Fire Rescue Personnel in the demanding hot and smoky conditions they face. The Cutters Edge line of Fire Rescue Saws includes the 2100 Series MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Chainsaws with Carbide-Tipped BULLET® Chain, the H-Series MULTI-CUT® Rotary Rescue Saws with Black Diamond Blades and optional BULLETBLADE® and the CE94 CRS Concrete Cutting Chainsaw with Diamond Chain.

The new H² Series Rotary Rescue Saws feature X-TORQ® Engines (74cc, 94cc and 119cc) that produce more power and torque, with increased fuel economy and 75% less emissions. In addition to new engine technology, new features include a Full-Wrap Handle with a textured rubber surface for a safe, solid grip in any cutting position. The Active Air-Filtration System with a K&N Filter delivers up to 300% more air than standard filters. A new Skid-Plate Base allows smooth saw movement on roof and rough surfaces.

The H² Series includes a choice of Black Diamond or Black Star Diamond cutting blades and the new BULLETBLADE® as an option. The H² saws are also available in fully-equipped field kits.



A Breakthrough in Cutting Technology

After years of development and field testing, Cutters Edge has introduced the new Carbide-tipped BULLETBLADE®. This new design is the result of attaching the proven BULLET® Chain on a Rotary Saw blade. Unlike other carbide-tipped blades, the BULLETBLADE® can be repaired and sharpened and used over and over again, increasing the long-term value of the blade. When other blades get broken or dull they cannot be repaired and are thrown away. With the BULLETBLADE®, the cutters can be replaced, sharpened or replaced, using the same blade core for a significant savings.

In addition to longer life, the BULLETBLADE® also offers outstanding cutting performance. Because the cutters move 3 times faster than chainsaw cutters, the BULLETBLADE® can cut through an extremely wide variety of materials, making it ideal for Ventilation, Forcible Entry, RIT, Search & Rescue, Extrication and Aircraft Rescue Operations.

The BULLETBLADE® is available in 12” (30.48cm), 14” (40.64cm) and 16” (40.64cm) sizes with Arbor sizes to fit all brands of Rotary Saws.

For more information on the new H² Series Rotary Rescue Saws and to see video of the new BULLETBLADE® in action, visit www.cuttersedge.com

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