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Draeger Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Dräger, who are celebrating their 125th anniversary, have been a trusted and loyal partner to the fire and rescue service for generations with Dräger’s ATEX and UL approved thermal imaging technology being used by firefighters across the globe.

Introducing the Dräger UCF 6000, UCF 7000 and UCF 9000 – a thermal imaging portfolio equipped with extensive safety features, intuitive operation and stringent approvals – meaning this range can also be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

These lifesaving pieces of equipment are valuable tools for essential orientation when fire, smoke and darkness make navigation difficult.

The devices help firefighters to optimally manage the challenges they are faced with, such as assessing situations, measuring the size and scale or fires, or searching and finding injured persons. Dräger‘s cameras generate an instant, clear picture of different heat signatures not visible to the naked eye, covering a wide temperature range of 40°C to 1000°C.

The Dräger range of thermal imaging cameras

  • UCF 6000 – easy-to-use with one-hand controls, this camera delivers excellent image quality even under the most extreme conditions. The user-friendly UCF 6000, is characterised by its ease-of-use and essential, innovative functions.
  • UCF 7000 – users can see more and make better decisions with the optimal display options provided by the UCF 7000. The camera is intrinsically safe (ATEX zone 1) and offers the maximum level of safety and reliability in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • UCF 9000 – thermal imaging and digital camera in one. The UCF 9000 ensures fire fighters are well equipped for every task – from firefighting and hazardous substance operations in Ex zone 1, to the monitoring and documentation of training.

Innovative functions for a broad range of applications

The concept and design of the Dräger camera family enables operation of all functions with one hand. In addition, the light weight of only 2.9lbs and various carrying options make transportation and use even easier.

The UCF thermal imaging cameras are all equipped with an integrated laser pointer which enables team members to communicate effectively and warn each other of potential dangers.

Clear and sharp images

The UCF 6000 and UCF 7000 offer an image resolution of 160 3 120 pixels, the UCF 9000 offers 384 3 288 pixels. In addition, the UCF 7000 and UCF 9000 also have a 23 and 43 zoom function ensuring rescue workers remain safe when approaching to the danger area. If the situation is unclear or visibility is limited, the cameras enable the user to “freeze” the image on the display as a way to view hard to reach places.

These robust cameras have passed the flame test according to EN137:2006 and are protected against the ingress of dust and water according to IP 67. The construction and circuitry of the UCF 7000 und UCF 9000 have been designed in such a manner that the cameras cannot become a source of ignition. They are therefore intrinsically safe and approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, including zone 1, in accordance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC and now UL approved Class 1 Division 2.

For more information, go to www.draeger.com

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