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A commitment to safety is a defining part of the DuPont culture. Through our continued commitment to innovation and personal protection, DuPont together with its partners has developed an extensive line of fabrics targeting the needs of first responders and first receivers.

Why are Nomex® and Kevlar® fiber an ideal choice for firefighter apparel?

When exposed to extreme heat, Nomex® undergoes a special reaction, changing its properties to capture more energy in the fabric, helping to give the wearer valuable extra seconds of protection from heat transfer.

Garments made from Nomex® fiber can last two to three times longer than most other high performance protective fabrics. Per garment manufacturers, the average wear life of Station wear made of Nomex® is about five years, and it can be washed and worn at least 125 times, making it an affordable choice.

Kevlar® is lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong. Best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armour, Kevlar® continues to evolve into fire fighter fabric applications and allows heroes to be heroes.

Next to the outstanding ENDURANCE, Nomex® fabrics reinforced with Kevlar® are available in many fabric constructions and COLOURS and cover the entire spectrum of lightweight and comfortable fabrics needed by the modern firefighter.

Our latest Nomex® Nano and Nomex® Nano-Flex materials are nearly 40% thinner than most advanced flame-resistant (FR) materials used for thermal liners today, offering greater mobility, breathability and particle barrier without sacrificing protection.

For more information, go to www.dupont.com

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