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International Fire Fighters – FDIC International Show Preview and Exhibitor Showcase

The key to firefighter’s success is training, education, and networking – all of which they aggressively pursue at FDIC and bring back home to their local departments. Firefighters see how every element of consequence that impacts firefighting is assembled at FDIC International 2018. The work behind FDIC International 2018 represents literally everyone you could imagine in the fire service.

There will be many new faces at FDIC International 2018 – new instructors, new concepts, new products, new thoughts, and new approaches. This is our tradition, firefighters know that without tradition you have no connections; without connections, you cannot understand the past or the present, and you certainly can’t build a future. Our traditions are our foundation. The uninitiated think everything is new but insiders, those with skin in the game, the FDIC people, know we are building on the foundations laid by millions who came before us and to whom we are grateful.

FDIC 2018 offers 28 hands-on training classes, 80 workshops, 200+ classes, the most inspirational keynotes of 2018, an emerging technologies summit, the most comprehensive fire exhibition, the largest stair climb, and countless networking celebrations and unique FDIC traditions that bind us, define us, and connect us. The hands-on training classes are delivered by the most respected and talented firefighters in the world. The workshops will provide the opportunity to get deeper into our personal development and professional expertise and allow for extensive one-on-one with thought leaders.

The Main Program speakers – Dan DeGryse, Gavin Horn, Ted Nee, and special guest FEMA Administrator Brock Long. The classes will again create the direction, the intellectual drive, the controversies, and the debates for the coming year.

There are literally dozens of special networking events. Beginning on Tuesday night, the Firefighter Cancer Support Network has its comedy night fundraiser. On Wednesday, the Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads hosts its F.O.O.L.S. bash. Thursday is the ‘Courage and Valor’ 5K Fun Run, followed by the National Fallen Firefighters ‘Stop, Drop, and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ celebration. Also Thursday night is the MSA block party. Friday is the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Stair Climb and the Indianapolis firefighters’ union party. All week long, the Firefighter Combat Challenge will be going on, as well as dozens of other events and gatherings – all of which are accessible to anyone attending FDIC.

Last year 34,000 attendees celebrated the art and science of firefighting. Men and women who participated in a moving and respectful Opening Ceremony that commemorated our fallen and celebrated our finest traditions. Firefighters who attended classes shared information, met new friends, and honed their skills to an even finer edge to serve their communities and meet their obligations with even greater skill.

Firefighters attend FDIC because it represents who we are. We are the fire service, we are the community, we are neighbors, we operate in the real world together, we drill and train together, and we assemble at this FDIC conference and exhibition together. This is our show, firefighters, men and women who have skin in the game, who respond when called, who never accept how it is but only accept that it will be better. The classes, drills, instructors, and speakers were all chosen by us, gritty, street-savvy firefighters who may not have the alphabet after their names, who sometimes drop the wrong kind of adjective when excited, but who struggle every day to be better than yesterday.

This is the conference that no volunteer, no career, no industrial firefighter should miss; a conference that pays the utmost respect to local expertise, that put first and foremost in all they do the interests, concerns, and well-being of firefighters and our mission first.

We hope we’ll see you at FDIC this April. Department members are urged to network with one another to purchase group pricing on our FDIC registrations.

For more information, go to www.fdic.com

Exhibitor Showcase

Booth 1446 - For nearly 30 years, Ventry Solutions has made PPV Fans and Portable Scene Lighting which simply make firefighters safer and more effective. Lentry® Portable Scene Lighting and Ventry® PPV Fans are well designed, high quality, fail-safe, and uniquely

Booth 10071 - Envisage Technologies builds public safety software based on a single, powerful principle: we want to ensure that our nation’s first responders come home alive. Our clients include federal, state, and municipal agencies serving more than one million

Booth 9229 - Since its inception in 1857, Upper Iowa University’s (UIU) unwavering commitment to accessible higher education and lifelong learning ensures that current and future UIU students are provided with the skills they need to be successful in the

Booth 645 - With an increased awareness of firefighter’s health and safety, the importance of quality sleep has never been more important. With a Sleep Number® bed, your firefighters can enjoy better quality sleep with a bed that is clinically

Booth 3217 - Founded in LaFayette, GA, USA in 1976, PMI manufactures world-class life safety rope, cordage and sewn goods. PMI also distributes webbing, lanyards, harnesses, helmets, gloves, solutions, kits, litters and accessories, training tools, and rope related hardware from

Booth 3507-3508 - Task Force Tips (TFT) is a leading US supplier to the global fire and rescue markets that designs and manufactures thousands of water and foam flow products to help firefighters risk less to do more. By combining

Booth 3503 - With decades of experience and a renewed commitment to innovation, AMKUS continues to develop and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic and battery powered rescue tools and products. These solutions have become the industry standard for fire

Booth 5257 - The Peoria Fire Department has a new emergency fire alert system. It’s an automated voice that makes the initial pronouncement for EMS and fire calls. The automated alert system is from Locution Systems.

Booth 922/19315 - For more than 100 years, Dräger has supported North American firefighters with quality safety equipment. This year, we’ll show how our latest technologies work together to deliver maximum protection against today’s fires: NFPA-Approved SCBA Packages: Backed by a

Booth 1738 - Since its inception Ziamatic Corp. has provided the men and women of the fire service with products designed to make their jobs safer and easier.

Booth 3271 - As a division of E. H. Glover Inc., HTL specializes in protecting firefighter training structures. Founded in Europe in the late 1980’s; HTL joined forces in 1993 with E.H. Glover Inc. of Fairfax, Virginia, a commercial general

Booth 9247 - Since Silver Ships’ founding in 1985, our vision has been to provide customers with a boat designed, built, and outfitted to best meet their operational needs while offering the maximum in crew safety, outstanding performance and unrivaled

Booth 1434 - Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, WATERAX sets the industry standard by developing innovative, portable fire pumps and water-handling equipment designed to withstand demanding applications and rugged environments. With a time-tested legacy of reliability, WATERAX carries

Booth 3265 - As part of the Kuriyama Group, TIPSA is a leading manufacturer of lay flat hoses and fire equipment for different industries, such as firefighting & emergency, agriculture, oil & gas, water wells and mining.

Booth 1901 - Skedco® manufactures and markets State of the art Confined Space Rescue equipment including the original Sked® stretcher – the perfect solution for confined space, high angle and technical rescue. The revolutionary design provides outstanding patient protection and

Booth 2401 - Established in 1895, Niedner Inc. is the longest standing premium hose manufacturer in North America. As the pioneer of lightweight polyester woven hose, introduced over 3 decades ago, we continue to innovate with our dedicated R&D team.

Booth 3721 - Founded in 1908, W. S. Darley & Company is a manufacturer and distributor of firefighting pumps, fire apparatus, and firefighting and defense equipment. They remain a family owned and operated company. Darley has a current customer base

Booth 530 - SuperPASS®5X is a member of the new Grace Firefighter “5 Line” of products and the world’s first field upgradeable Audio PASS-to-Wireless RF PASS. The “5 Line” of products include SuperPASS®5, SuperPASS®5X, and TPASS®5; PASS-Personal Alert Safety Systems and

Booth 5363 - First Responder Jacks are the tool of choice for Extrication, Heavy Rescue, Forcible Entry, RIT/RIC procedures as well as Stabilization and Shoring. Firefighter-designed, the First Responder Jack is constructed of steel, cast iron, and high-strength aluminum, and

Booth 9215 - When demands are at their highest your life depends on your equipment. It’s a responsibility Skeeter Brush Trucks take very seriously. Our apparatus are designed and built to transform extraordinary obstacles into unremarkable situations.

Booth 3938 - Salamander provides first responders and emergency management personnel with the tools they need to manage disasters, special events, site security and day to day operations. Our INTELLIGENT ACCOUNTABILITY™ suite offers unrivaled situational awareness, painting a common operational

Booth 415 - At INNOTEX®, we redefine and reimagine turnout gear based on four designing principles: Protection without compromise Unmatched comfort Increased durability Efficient design

Booth 945 - Foam pumps should be worry free. Our team of dedicated employees always strive to design and produce the very best foam pumps available on the worldwide market today! Born from research and development and approved by UL, FM

Booth 8012 - DT Research™, an early Mobile Tablet pioneer and leading designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing systems for vertical markets, delivers the world’s most comprehensive line of Rugged and Industrial-grade Tablets, Mobile POS Tablets, Digital Signage Systems and

Booth 13042 - Unication USA is a premier worldwide supplier of advanced critical communications devices. Unication has released the G-Series Voice Pager, the industry’s first P25 voice pager. P25 Digital paging allows migration from a legacy 2-tone network to a

Booth 4444 - PRAN Systems Inc. is an electronic equipment manufacturer and control systems integrator dedicated to the OEM manufacturers specialized in automotive and emergency environments, heavy work equipment and the transport industry. With vehicles and machinery on all inhabited

Booth 1001 - On July 1st 1997 Fire Safety International, Inc. dba FSI North America was founded with a mandate to offer emergency response products to first responders worldwide through a network of authorized distributors. An early product to debut in

Booth 733 - Firewipes® were designed by a firefighter to specifically meet the needs of firefighters and first responders for on scene decon. Firewipes are used primarily to aid in the cleaning and removal of soot, smoke and other potential

Booth 2745 - Are you ready to take the next step in your career? University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s online program for firefighters, paramedics and emergency response personnel will help you develop the skills you need to manage complex public health and

Booth 4310 - Since 1967 Kussmaul Electronics has focused on servicing emergency vehicles, specialty vehicles and vans, always with the commitment to deliver high quality products and the best of the customer service experience. Each year new products are designed to

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