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FERNOs ArachniPOD performs within any technical rescue scenario. Also shown are the FERNO Rescue Centerpoint Harness and Traverse Titan litter.

FERNO Rescue – Total solutions for rescue equipment for the professionals that use it

FERNO is the global leader in pre-hospital emergency care solutions serving emergency services, including EMS, fire rescue, mortuary, industrial safety and police. FERNO exports to more than 150 countries and has partnered with EMS, safety and regulatory agencies, and customers globally to create a new vision for delivery of emergency care. The company employs a dedicated team of customer-focused industry experts who are ready to share that vision with you.

The movement of interoperability between the various level of emergency responders within the rescue industry has led FERNO to create a portfolio of products known throughout the industry as standards in professional rescue programs to address the technical needs of these rescuers.

Participants within the FERNO Rescue group are well known contributors to the rescue industry with award winning designs and functionality for their product solutions: Traverse Rescue, FERNO Australia, FERNO Italia, FERNO UK, FERNO Norden, Spiracle Technologies and GERMA. These key suppliers have developed leading patient extrication, immobilization and transportation products ranging from traditional rescue scenarios through technical rescue and mass casualty/disaster response and treatment.

The Traverse Mule Litter Wheel is adaptive to various environmental challenges for rescue transport.

The Traverse Mule Litter Wheel is adaptive to various environmental challenges for rescue transport.

The FERNO ArachniPOD (as pictured) is the world’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS). Components can be added or removed as required so that the Arachnipod complements existing structural or natural features. It can be constructed into many different configurations including a ginpole/monopole, bipod, tripod, quadpod, bridge system and handrail recovery monopole. Enhancing the FERNO product line is the innovative range of professional rescue harnesses which offer features that combines all the comfort, practical features and benefits such as light weight materials, reflective thread, webbing and support padding for exceptional visibility and safety. (www.ferno.com.au)

Traverse Rescue (A FERNO Group Company) brings to the rescue scene a series of basket stretchers/litters ranging from stainless steel to titanium materials reflecting patented and award winning features for the StratLoad attachment point integrated within the frame of the baskets as well as the LocSafe feature, both for that extra layer of user and patient safety, and functionality which reflects the fine detail to care. The Traverse line extends into other patient transport products such as the Mule and Porter Litter Wheel systems which respond directly to those challenged with movement of patients in any type of terrain ranging from flat surfaces through to remote and rough terrain (www.traverserescue.com).

The FERNO Rescue platform is one that is always evolving and expanding to ensure solutions are created through innovation with both patient and rescuers safety at the forefront. Our global outreach and representation continues to be enhanced through a network of dealers who are specialists within the patient handling and rescue product industry and are always ready to respond to your rescue product needs.

For more information please contact Brent Fairweather, Director Rescue Group. Email: b.fairweather@ferno.com.

For more information, go to www.ferno.com

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