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Feumat – Fire Extinguisher Unforgeable Maintenance Advice in Technical process – FEUMAT®

Civil protection structures all over the world include early warning systems and monitoring against hazard and catastrophes. Special attention will paid to mobile fire extinguishers because of their versatile application in case of an outbreak of fire.

It is an absolute prerequisite that fire extinguishers are available in all public and private areas and that they are ready for use in case of fire at any time.

The proper procedure for maintenance includes the external and internal inspection of each single fire extinguisher, total disassembly of prone components, complete extraction and refilling of all extinguishing agents, check of the pressurization and leakages in the materials.

Only a careful made inspection ensures the durability and reliability of technical fire protection!

A complete conscientious check takes up to 20 minutes per extinguisher and is normally a dusty, laborious and exhausting extraction activity and examination work. For German fire safety engineer Hubert Zeuner, the intention was to reinvent the complete machinery system for DCP extinguisher servicing. His declared goal was to streamline the processes of powder extraction and refilling without dust pollution in the working environment.

After many years of development the result is outstanding: FEUMAT units work as a closed system due to an adapter system for all extinguisher types, whether permanent pressure or cartridge type threads. This guarantees full engine power capacity, avoiding any powder dust leaving the machine. Moreover powder can be loosened and collected directly into another extinguisher bottle instead of in temporary storage inside the system – powder volume is not blown up, 99,99% of the agent is carried from A to B. An additional development of the filter technique allows for proper and easy filter self-cleaning afterwards.

“Automation” is the magic word with all FEUMAT systems: Your hands are free for additional servicing activities while the unit works in the background. The results of this invention have impressed professional fire brigades and servicing companies worldwide: Complete and fast process for removing the extinguishing agent, elimination of dust and a 50% time reduction of the complete maintenance job per extinguisher!

The only way to improve the quality management for a huge extinguisher stock is to use reliable and rigorous equipment which has been thought through and saves time.

FEUMAT equipment is available for all extinguisher sizes up to 12 kg for use in workshop facilities or in a servicing vehicle. Special editions also enable P50 trolley type extinguisher maintenance and the extraction and refilling of fire truck powder tanks and big containers. Fire truck servicing activities were not rudimentarily affordable before the FEUMAT technology – this is great progress for the professional repair of their powder devices and value retention.

Documentation provides evidence of the test process and of all demanded working steps completed. A test label on the outer surface of the instrument is not sufficient to control reliable maintenance and trustworthiness of persons involved. As in all service, documentation and controllability of measures are the only acceptable record of evidence.

FEUMAT GM Hubert Zeuner has developed a color documentation procedure (known as the FEUMAT policy), as the only practically technical equipment to realize a quality management standard. Meanwhile, the product range has been extended with additional extinguisher workshop equipment for CO₂ filling and foam extinguisher maintenance.

For more information, go to www.feumat.de

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