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Fhoss Technology – igniting the way to a safer future

Fhoss Technology is a supplier and manufacturer of a new and innovative form of powered light safety wear which, unlike traditional high visibility clothing, lights up without the need for ambient light.

Representing a big leap forward for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Fhoss works through the presence of a rechargeable battery operated electroluminescent core, which actively emits light. Combined with prismatic high visibility reflective tape, Fhoss garments can be seen up to 1.5 miles away in complete darkness. The technology is particularly beneficial for use in areas where there is either little or no ambient light available.


The Fhoss FiHarness Pro, which sits over existing clothing, meets the FR EN469 and the ELECTRIC ARC F2621-2012 standard – making it an ideal garment for firefighters who wish to be seen in all weather conditions as well as in complete darkness.

Fhoss’s wearable technology for personal protection is fully patented and qualifies for all relevant international standards including the European ISO 2471. The company currently exports to Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, Malaysia and the Hong Kong region and has as many as 200 active clients worldwide.

Fhoss garments are certified for over 25 washes, will operate for up to 20,000 hours and can be charged over 500 times.

The full range of products can be found at www.fhoss.com along with a selection of video clips showing the products in action.


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