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Fire Fighting Systems (FFS)

FFS has for many years, been the world leader in External Fire Fighting systems for the marine industry, supplying over 90% of the world market for that niche specialty, Fire Fighting Boats.

With outstanding and prestigious ships such as, FDNY 343 and his sister ship for the New York Port Authority, to the Long Beach fireboat, and last month the newest and biggest fire boat yet (with a total pumping capacity of 240,000 liters per minute; yes boys and girls that’s over 63,000 gallons per minute) for the Singapore Civil Defence.

This month the Singapore Civil Defence announced it will also choose FFS as the supplier of their entire land based system project. Consisting of a total pumping solution of over 100,000 LPM (26,000 GPM) it will incorporate the following equipment; Pumping skids, submersible pumps, hose, trucks, deployment and retrieval pods, hose reels, trailers, the FFS Ton Cannon (22,000 GPM foam / water monitor), foam pumps and the FFS 12,000 GPM water / foam monitors.

This is one of the biggest ‘Large Atmospheric’ tank fire fighting system ever made, “and we are proud to say we will do it” admits Roger Champagne newly appointed Global Land based Managing Director.

The Civil Defence will also use it’s fire boat as a backup pumping unit, in case of emergency, making this arrangement one of a kind in the world.

“The transition of the specialist marine equipment to land has required some adaptation” admits Champagne, “obviously a monitor and a pump on a ship are fixed, so we had to take the pump equipment and install them in containers or trailers, to make them mobile, which is something we were not familiar with. Going mobile with our pumps and monitors, involves large diameter hose systems, which in some scenarios could be 4 or 5 Kms away for the hazard to protect”

But FFS has an advantage that no one else has, a reference list of over 4,000 ships worldwide using their pumps and / or monitors. Over a period of 18 years, that is quite an impressive list.

Another big advantage of FFS, is the standard material of construction of all the components. Whether it is pumps, monitors, foam proportioners, deluge systems, they are all made of marine grade material. Pumps and Monitors are made of Nickel Aluminium Bronze. Other components are made of marine grade Stainless Steel, making FFS equipment suitable for use with any kind of water solutions.

“FFS has solid engineering and production capacities, and our ambition for the land based market is to become a complete system supplier like we do in our Marine market, this Singapore Civil Defence project is for us quite a big statement in that direction” concludes Champagne.

For more information, go to www.fifisystems.com

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