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First Strike

First Strike

The Vindicator was designed to address the two most important factors in fire suppression with water, application rate and type stream, as well as adding one more element to the equation, reducing the flame temperature by modifying the air.

The Vindicator satisfies the requirements of both a high rate of application and a broken stream for high heat absorption. The Vindicator offers higher flow rates than found with either a spray nozzle or a solid stream nozzle, while doing so at less nozzle pressure, with increased mobility and safety, and with less steam generation. Because it is an aspirated stream it has the advantage of being able to remove heat from the combustion zone to slow the reactions by cooling the combustion by-products and delivering them back into the fire matrix. This is an advantage not found in either the solid stream or the combination nozzle. The Vindicator has a higher surface-area-to-volume ratio due to the coupling of high application rate (gpm) and its effective aspiration. Therefore, it has better heat-transfer characteristics than conventional nozzles and, consequently, is more effective in absorbing heat and proven so with independent testing.

Since the Vindicator is supplying an air-aspirated stream it is an excellent choice for flammable liquid fires and foam applications. The water droplets are large droplets and are less affected by wind or thermal columns. Thus, it allows more water to be placed on the flame-fuel interface.

If suppression is your goal, the Vindicator should be in your tool box!

For more information, go to www.vindicatornozzle.com

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