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Gradall Fire Suppression Machines Available With Reach Choices Up To 20 Metres/70 Feet

Gradall Industries, Inc., has introduced two emergency response vehicles able to reach through windows and walls or breakthrough roofs to launch a technical assault on dangerous structure fires.

Gradall FA Systems use a rugged telescoping, tilting boom and a patented 5th Man fire head to break through wood, masonry, concrete and other building materials and then drown dangerous fires using water or foam.

The Gradall firefighting units are available with a variety of truck undercarriages, enabling these state-of-the-art units to quickly get to fire sites. Rapid deployment outriggers, also part of the FA System, telescope out and down and can be positioned all at once or independently, providing short jacking capabilities while enhancing stability.

Two reach options are available:

The FA 70 can reach out 20 meters (70 feet), accessing roofs on six- or seven-story buildings.

The FA 50 reach is 15 meters (50 feet), attacking fires in buildings up to five stories in height.

Using a wireless remote control device from over 90 meters (300 feet) away, a firefighter can telescope the boom and tilt the stainless steel 5th Man nozzle 220 degrees, directing 52 aqua-jet nozzles to dispense a massive broken stream curtain of water, or Class A or B foam for chemical fires.
Weight: 47,340 lbs (21,473 kg)
Two hydraulic motors: swing 20hp (15kW) @ 1.0 rpm; tilt 20hp (15kW)
Hydraulic system: 0 to 42 GPM (160 L/Min), up to 4000 psi
Telescoping Boom: Reach 50 feet (15.2 m), rotation 220 degrees, tilt left or right
5th Man Water Cannon: 1500 GPM and 120 psi, Class A and Class B foam
Oil capacity: 55 gal (208 L)
To see a video of the Gradall FA device in action, or get more information and a demo please visit: www.GradallFA.com
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