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Issue 54 - June 2017

When I joined the fire department, I held many expectations of how it was going to be in the fire service. What it would be like as a firefighter, my

Fire and rescue personnel and industrial brigades from around the world are invited to this year’s free-to-attend Emergency Services Show. Returning to Hall 5 at the NEC, Birmingham, UK from

The attacks of 9-11 seem like just yesterday in the minds of most in the fire service. Yet it was 15+ years ago. Those attacks prompted budgeting authorities worldwide to

Fire Raiders manufacture a comprehensive range of fire-fighting and crash rescue vehicles innovatively designed to meet the specific requirements of the unique African fire and rescue vehicle market. Additionally they

With the greatly increased emphasis on firefighter safety, the leading manufacturers have boosted their research and development efforts to provide the end user with the safest, most efficient and reliable

Agility Technologies Corporation (ATC), was established with an ambitious mission to put the “Tech” back in Technical Rescue by harnessing recent advances in technology and building practical rescue solutions. ATC

In Part 1 of this article featured in the last edition we discussed the rise of solar energy from a cottage industry just a few decades ago to becoming a

PTSD. This acronym, slight and neat, has wreaked havoc upon those it afflicts. “I thought I was stronger than this”. This small, world-destroying statement is not something that is uncommon

The potential for drone technology in the realm of emergency response is undeniable and truly exciting. However, this technology is failing to meet its true potential through inaccurate purchasing decisions

So, there you are, sitting with your watch in the crew room after a quiet day, with nothing more exciting than an overheating hand dryer in the airport terminal to

Special purpose vehicles are to be customized as much as possible. Unlike general purpose vehicles either personal or trucks firefighting and rescue units must fulfill very specific needs. They depend

TERC is dedicated to providing todays emergency rescue personnel with the latest innovations, technology, and education in auto extrication and patient removal, through hands-on training and sanctioned extrication challenges. TERC

Over recent months Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has faced significant operational demand at waste fires and high risk waste sites around the county. The problem is not unique

The grim statistics don’t lie: 68% of all firefighters develop cancer. These heroes use their education and training to assess dangerous situations and make split decisions that save lives, but

A new event involving Firefighters testing their skills and fitness to the limit started last year in the UK. The British Firefighter Challenge was born after a group of friends,

There’s nothing new about pulley systems that are small enough to put in a bag and take anywhere. They were being used in rescue in the 80s but they have

Over the years the incidence of cancer among firefighters has been shown to be far higher than that of the general populace, and the studies and proof of same can

New developments in technology have brought the capability for all fire departments to utilize immersive virtual reality. This equipment costs significantly less than what previous forms of virtual reality hardware

Tunnel fires are rare incidents, but they may have severe consequences: a lot of people can be affected. Seen from the fire service’s point of view, the risks in tunnels

The research I have conducted over the past ten years has focused on the barriers that impact first responder situational awareness and subsequently contribute to errors in decision making. There