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Everyone is aware of the high protection levels required by the modern day Fire Fighter and many suppliers including KERMEL have a solution to fit the needs of the end user. The question is ‘do we do enough to help the after sales effect?’

What is in place to protect the budget costs of the different Fire Fighter organisations and what about looking at any impact we have on the environment regarding sustainable development?

At KERMEL we treat all aspects very seriously. We aim to ensure that not only do we maximise the wearer comfort with low heat impact on the human body but we also want to make sure that the cost of ownership to the brigade is as cost effective as possible.

The latest Kermel® product on the market is the true ‘no breakopen’ KERMEL B fabric. This fabric was developed to ensure continued professional looking aspect with little to no shrinkage even after 30 industrial wash/dry cycles. Not only then is there a benefit with initial lower cost but the lifetime of the garment is extended to reduce owner costs.

KERMEL also have in place a sustainable development project whereby old garments no longer in service can be collected and recycled for use in other areas where heat and flame are a risk.

Key properties

  • Highest level of fire fighter protection
  • No breakopen fabric
  • Excellent wash durability resulting in ‘much’ lower owner costs
  • Environmentally responsible program in place

For more information, go to www.kermel.com

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