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As a major player in the fire market, LEADER affirms its presence by diversifying its products’ families and proposing new “response equipment”.

Nozzles are subjects that LEADER knows very well! Recognized as a leader in the development of rugged and innovative firefighting equipment, the R&D team from LEADER has designed a range of nozzles combining technicity, ergonomy and performance with a great spray/jet quality.

LEADER now offers selectable and automatic nozzles:

  • MultiFlow: Selectable flow nozzles
  • FlowMatic: Automatic nozzles
  • MultiMatic: Automatic nozzles with selectable flow
  • HP Matic: High Pressure automatic nozzles

LEADER nozzles are available in 2 materials: aluminium or FiberTech® composite

Firefighter responders are used to work with aluminium and brass nozzles. They now have the choice for a new material: the FiberTech® composite from LEADER. Always at the cutting edge, LEADER is introducing composite material into the design of firefighting equipment with properties equal or better than those of ordinary materials. The composite is a material consisting of reinforcement – in this case glass fibers – which provides most of the mechanical properties, and a matrix which acts as a binder.

Composite perfectly replaces metal alloys and is already used in many fields: automotive industry, aerospace, weapons etc.

The advantages of the FiberTech® composite from LEADER are numerous compared with brass and aluminium are that it is; far lighter; equal in terms of mechanical strength and durability; offers better resistance: to corrosion, chemicals, and high temperatures and has better electrical and thermal insulation.

For more information, go to www.leader-group.eu

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