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LEADER design and manufacture reliable PPV fans and supply them to Fire Fighting services mainly for use in Positive Pressure Ventilation situations.

Known throughout the world as “Easy Pow’Air Technology” it differentiates LEADER from Conventional and Turbo technology competitors.

LEADER Easy Pow’Air fans combine the following advantages:

  • Straight stream air flow – A very concentrated jet which uses all the air flow generated. They produce exceptionally high air volumes (m3/h or CFM).
  • Greater air flow velocity – Faster air flow allows the stream of air from the fan to “entrain” even more air and carry that entrained air into the structure.
  • Most effective when placed between 2 and 6 m distance from an opening with the optimum between 4 and 5 m. This gives fire-fighters greater space and options for manoeuvrability. The fan can also be positioned as close as 0.90 m.
  • Extreme air volume efficiency – Almost all the “stream” of air from the LEADER fan enters the structure to be ventilated while over 30% of the air of conventional cone-of-air fans strikes the outside of the generally rectangular-shaped entry port and is therefore “blocked” from entering the structure.
  • Higher PPV Pressures – Independent third party tests of LEADER fans for pressurising stairwells and hallways to prevent smoke and heat and even fire from progressing into unaffected areas of the halls and stairwells have shown LEADER Easy Pow’Air Technology to be much more effective than larger fans using conventional technology.
  • Quick and easy to position – The fan automatically tilts to a +10° optimal position when lifting the carrying handle. It can also be adjusted to between +10° and +20°.

For more information, www.leader-group.eu

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