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Stand L40

Ledlenser torches and headlamps are precision engineered in Germany to deliver awesome reliable light to those at the forefront of our emergency services. Our lights have won many international awards and are converted by professionals for combining awesome performances, state of the art technologies and robust reliability. The patented Advanced Focus System optics found in most of our lights, combined with our renowned engineering skills, take the light output to a whole new level. Users can single-handedly focus the light for flood (near illumination), spot (distance illumination) or anywhere in-between as desired. Smart Light Technology provides ultimate control for any environment allowing different light output levels, different types of light (eg defence strobe, SOS, Morse), and even the way the power to the light is regulated to be set as desired for the conditions ahead. Ledlenser torches and headlamps use only premium materials such as CREE LEDs and aircraft-grade aluminium to deliver the reliability that experts expect. This reliability is backed by an industry leading 7-year with registration warranty for extra peace of mind.


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