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40Wh battery fire.

LITH-EX Fire Extinguishers – A portable fire extinguisher designed for Lithium battery fires

The news is filled with ever more examples of fires caused by Lithium batteries, from e-cigarettes to mobile phones and even electric vehicles, the danger is ever present. Of course we all do not wish to do without our new found freedoms, the ability to phone from the top of a mountain, to read our emails and to tweet from the comfort of our own bedroom, to drive an eco friendly car and to charge it almost anywhere we like so we must live with this new risk. What can we do to minimise this risk?

Aero-EX has spent the past three years working to develop a solution which specifically targets this type of fire and our R&D activity has culminated in the development of a versatile aerosol fire extinguisher called Lith-EX. This product, which is based on a new and revolutionary fire extinguishing agent called AVD-Li, has proven to be the most effective extinguishing agent currently available for Lithium battery fires. It is applied as a fine mist and provides the perfect solution for these types of fire. We are proud to confirm that the Lith-EX aerosol is available at the Dupré stand 7-C29 at the Intersec show.

Is the Lith-EX extinguisher accredited or certified?

  • Lith-EX has been successfully 3rd party tested by Lithium battery specialists, ZSW in Germany. The Lith-EX Extinguisher was tested on batteries up to a power rating of 60Wh in accordance with the protocol and consecutively extinguished three fires.
  • Lith-EX has passed the 35kV dielectric test at Apragaz in Belgium.
  • The aerosol fire extinguisher has been manufactured in accordance with BS6165:2002.

Lithium batteries…

Lithium batteries come in many different forms and they present a fire hazard when they are accidentally damaged, overcharged or exposed to heat. This risk is further exacerbated by low quality and poorly manufactured batteries or batteries with no built in Battery Management System (BMS).

If any of the above mechanisms become critical, then thermal runaway is initiated and an increase in the internal temperature of the cell will ensue followed by a pressure build up within the cell. This causes the breakdown of the electrolyte and the whole process liberates flammable gases which then combine with Oxygen providing all the necessary ingredients for a fire. When the plastic casing surrounding the batteries ignites, a high temperature fire will inevitably follow. Independent testing has shown that conventional water, powder and foam extinguishing agents are not effective at extinguishing Lithium battery fires.

Lith-Ex Aerosols…

The Lith-EX aerosols are ideally suited to fires of a limited size such as those which may occur with all forms of personal electronic device. They should be considered as essential in all instances where the fire needs to be suppressed before developing into an established fire.

Lith-EX fire extinguishers use an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent called AVD-Li which is made from naturally occurring Vermiculite. AVD-Li is an aqueous dispersion of exfoliated Vermiculite which is most effective when deployed as a mist. When Vermiculite is exfoliated microscopic individual platelets are formed and in the production of AVD-Li these are freely suspended in water. It is this combination which makes AVD a unique solution for the suppression of Lithium battery fires.

The Aero-EX extinguishers are manufactured in Great Britain which ensures complete control over the quality of the finished product. As you would expect from a UK company, Aero-EX is committed to quality and we adhere to all of the relevant industry standards. Together, with our technical expertise and support, Aero-EX extinguishers are a safe and reliable choice.

For more information, go to www.aero-ex.com

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