This bumper 104 page issue boasts fantastic and interesting articles from the industry’s best and most renowned authors.

The IFF Comment is written by Becci Bryant, Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive with Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, UK who asks a very pertinent question, ‘Why do people find diversity so difficult?’

There are further 17 articles, company and product profiles and news from across the globe. We also feature a special preview of the 2016 Emergency Services Show, Birmingham UK and a comprehensive Buyers Guide to the latest developments in Foam Concentrates.

Check out the first of a two part article by Javier Castro – ‘Firefighting foam concentrates – the constant evolution’ which explores the advances in foam since the ban on PFOS. David Hostler provides an insight into the research being carried out on firefighter PPE in his article ‘The physiologic effects of turnout gear’ and Rob Beadle asks ‘Can lightweight PPE be truly safe?

Enjoy the issue and we look forward to hearing your feedback – [email protected]

Providing maximum fire suppression performance, automatic nozzles offer wide ranging flexibility in challenging firefighting conditions. Maintaining a constant nozzle pressure throughout a wide range of operational flows ensures a hard hitting straight  stream and wide protective fog pattern.

Image courtesy of Task Force Tips.

Rob Beadle, Pablo Boj, Thomas Bowman, Becci Bryant, Javier Castro, Matt Chandler, Dr David Crouch, Professor Philipp Epple, Thomas Hennessy, Jason Hershcopf, David Hostler, Colonel Péter Jackovics, David Markland, Gary Parkinson, Mark Patrick, Joel Portice, Mark Roberts, Hans Rußwurm, Mikael Westerlund, Duncan J. White.

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