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In 1872, Conrad Dietrich Magirus developed and built the first freestanding mobile fire-fighting ladder in the world. It revolutionised the world of firefighting at the time. Today, the most innovative and highest-quality turntable ladders, including Magirus’ two bestselling models – the M32L-AT and M32L-AS – still bear his name.

The M32L-AT articulated turntable ladder with its telescoping arm may well be designated as the “original”. The bendable, telescoping articulated arm makes a crucial difference in overcoming walls, fences and other hurdles. Its ability to be immersed in containers, silos, shafts etc. increases its tactical operational value. Depending on the telescoping articulated arm, a variable penetration depth of up to maximal 5 metres is possible, compared to turntable ladder models without a telescope.

The M32L-AS articulated turntable ladder with its four-part ladder set and Single Extension capability is an alternative for operations in which an increased payload or longer outreach is advantageous or necessary. It contains a newly developed and patented single-extension system that first extends the uppermost ladder section before being followed by the others. Systematic further development of the M32L-AS included all main components. In addition to an improvement in outreach, the water performance at the rescue cage could be increased to up to 2,500 l/min.

The active CS Computer Stabilized oscillation damping in all Magirus turntable ladders makes a big contribution to firefighter safety. This computer-aided unit recognizes any oscillation in the turntable ladder in a split second and automatically damps it through controlled counter-oscillation. In the event of sudden load changes, this ensures enormous stability and great operational efficiency.

Today, Conrad Dietrich Magirus would certainly be proud to see the developments his “mother of all turntable ladders” started. The highest turntable ladder in the world, the M68L, with its working height of 68 metres, was also developed by the traditional Ulm company in Germany already in operation in a number of locations.

For more information, go to www.magirusgroup.com

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