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National Foam

The National Foam Iron Man monitor is a trailer mounted high capacity flow device which forms a key part of the Big Flow High Capacity Mobile Firefighting System. The Big Flow System is a mobile, pumping system capable of feeding large volumes of water (3,000 to 6,000 USgpm) over extremely long distances. Big Flow comprises a number of high capacity water pumping options (including floating satellite pumps), large diameter hose (up to 12”) and associated deployment devices, all designed to ensure the correct volumes of water, and where applicable, foam is fed to the Iron Man monitor.

The National Foam Iron Man is available in many configurations and is usually supplied in a trailered configuration although it can also form part of a close coupled pumping unit. It is available in a number of flow options with interchangeable tips delivering up to 12,000 usgpm and capable of throwing in excess of 400 feet. The Iron Man nozzle is capable of changing its stream pattern from straight stream to semi-fog via an integral hydraulic patterned control system.

The Iron Man and Big Flow combination offers a highly effective, mobile solution for fighting fully involved, open top floating roof tanks and similar major fire hazards.

For smaller hazards, the National Foam Terminator II mobile water delivery device is available. It can deliver 1,500 to 3,000 usgpm through a self-educting Gladiator nozzle and features straight stream to fog pattern adjustability, turn and click flow adjustment and a self-levelling stability system.

Combining these units with National Foam Universal Gold foam concentrate gives a total firefighting solution delivering optimum performance.

For more information, go to www.nationalfoam.com

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