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New Age


NewAge produces a wide-range of high quality monitors and nozzles to meet the varying demands for fire brigades, industrial fire hazards, and for marine applications. Typically, we can divide the product range into 3 categories: ‘portable’ monitors (low flow – under 4000 LPM); ‘vehicle-mounted’ monitors and ‘fixed’ monitors (both in the mid-flow 2000-8000 LPM and high flow of 10,000 to 40,000 LPM ranges).

Monitors are equipped with detachable nozzles and solid bore tips and adjustable straight stream and fog nozzles which can be either “fixed” gallonage or “automatic” types. All monitors can be equipped with very economical self-educting foam nozzles.

Monitors and nozzles are available in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel material depending on weight or environmental issues. The control of NewAge monitors and nozzles depends on category and user requirements. Low cost manually operated units are normally standard while, electrical and hydraulically operated units are becoming more popular. Such “powered type” monitors can be locally or remotely operated with wired or wireless remote control options. Electrically operated vehicle mounted monitors can be equipped with optional joy-stick controls, dual operator panels, and wireless remote controls. Electrically or hydraulically controlled fixed monitor control panels and systems can be either low voltage (12/24V) or high voltage (120/240V or higher), and in either non-explosion or explosion proof models.

Newage can also offer U.L. listed and NFPA compliant monitors and nozzles. Due to varying hazards and user demands, engineering services are available to customers for custom or standard monitor and nozzle configurations.

For more information, go to www.newagefireprotection.com

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