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Technology Update: Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for a range of industries, with everyone from construction to agriculture wrestling to get their hands on the technology. However, with UAVs yet to fully make the transition into the fire service, does the technology have a future within the sector?

The benefits of using UAVs within the fire service are becoming increasingly evident. UAVs add vital intelligence to situational awareness of incidents, serving as both a safety and a communication tool. Quick and easy to deploy, able to assess large areas in a very short period of time and relay real-time footage, UAVs can provide critical information to the team on the ground and facilitate an assessment of the entire incident area. UAVs can thus play a key role in determining the course of action taken and improve the safety of personnel by enabling potential hazard identification before they enter a site. The array of sensors that can be fitted to UAV platforms, including visible light and infrared, mean that the technology can also aid informed decision making for a range of incidents such as forest & wildfires, search & rescue, chemical spills and large-scale industrial fires. Aside from initially assessing a site upon arrival, UAVs can also be used to monitor live progress of an incident as it develops, enabling continual assessment of fire movement, alerting personnel when conditions change and aiding evacuation decisions.

With UAVs designed specifically for the fire service coming onto the market the technology is certainly one to watch over the coming year. For more information about utilizing UAVs within the fire service visit SkyTech 2016, a UAV conference and exhibition showcasing the latest innovations and applications in drone technology, taking place 27th & 28th January 2016.

For more information, go to www.skytechevent.com

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