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Teijin is committed to protecting people from hazards in the workplace. With its high-performance aramid fibers, Twaron®, Teijinconex® and Technora®, Teijin is dedicated to bringing safety and security to society and people’s lives. Together with our customers and partners, we constantly work to improve protection for those who risk their lives to protect us.

Each of our para-aramid fibers, Twaron and Technora, and our meta-aramid fiber Teijinconex provide an outstanding combination of properties, including inherent flame resistance, excellent heat resistance and insulation properties. Fabrics and garments containing Teijin fibers have outstanding strength, low weight, and dimensional stability. What is more, they do not burn, melt, drip or adhere to human skin.

Dyeable Teijinconex neo

For decades, the market for heat- and flame-resistant protective equipment has relied on Teijinconex. Not only do firefighters all over the world choose solutions based on Teijinconex for its superior properties, but the protective workwear market confirms that this material delivers the highest level of protection combined with superior wearing comfort. In view of our customers’ requirements, Teijin now also offers an easily dyeable fiber: Teijinconex neo. This new fiber enables customers to produce tailored workwear in different company colors.


Twaron is perfectly suited to reinforce the complete range of protective equipment, for both people and vehicles. Today, Twaron is used in soft-body armor, hard ballistics and helmets, providing protection against penetration from bullets, knives and hot bomb fragments.

For more information, go to www.teijin.com

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