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TEXPORT is one of the market driving manufacturers of fire-fighting PPE. As the market leader in Austria, we equip 100% of the professional fire brigades and in neighbouring Germany, 30% to professional & volunteer fire brigades.

Internationally, we have had recent success with large contracts being awarded to TEXPORT in Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Vienna as well as the chosen supplier of IBZ in Belgium.

Our aim is to deliver highly functional quality garments. We offer customized solutions, state of the art ergonomic styles and a sizing system that allows our customers to get the best fitting PPE. With our wholly owned production facilities in Bulgaria and Macedonia, we ensure that every product leaves our premises being quality checked and conforming to all relevant standards and regulations. Our customers also benefit from our reduced lead-times since we never outsource the manufacture of our products!

Our patented material structures such as „X-TREME®“ and „X-TREME® light“ offer excellent thermal and radiant heat protection whilst still being able to increase breathability and reduce the overall weigh of the garment.

The TEXPORT Triple Fabric® is a fabric reflector strip with a woven structure, making it extremely breathable and therefore extending service life. The reflective material forms a durable bond with the soft fabric. And the Triple Fabric® is less prone to long-run scuffing from wearing and washing. With our AirPower shoulder pad, we ensure fire-fighters are provided with the comfort when wearing BA and also being able to stop thermal burns caused by BA straps compressing over the shoulder area.

For more information, go to www.texport.at

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