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Unifire AB of Sweden has introduced to market its next-generation Force™ remote controlled fire fighting robotic nozzle systems.

These state-of-the-art systems feature high-end, industrial-robot-type brushless (BLDC) motors, stainless steel 316L construction, and cutting-edge TARGA™ PLC. TARGA enables Unifire to now offer a wide-range of advance control system options, which include the Unifire’s InterAct™ graphical user interface (GUI), the Unifire FlameRanger™, a fully automatic fire detection & extinguishing system, and more.

InterAct provides users the ability to securely monitor and control one or more robotic nozzles and other connected peripheral devices from a touchscreen PC in a vehicle cab, or from a computer, tablet, smart phone or any other web enabled device, such as in a control room. The intuitive interface has a virtual joystick and can display the nozzle’s position, tank levels, open and close valves, show alarms, show camera feeds, provide function buttons, and monitor and control any other device on the system. Unifire customises the interface to its customers’ needs, including language settings, functions, etc.

Unifire’s FlameRanger is a revolutionary system that uses IR array flame detectors to automatically detect and locate the exact size and 3D position of fire and begin suppressing it with the Force robotic nozzles, with pin-point accuracy, within seconds of detection. The system automatically shuts off the water as soon as the fire is extinguished, yet remains in active stand-by 24/7/365. In multiple full-scale fire tests conducted by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Jensen Hughes, FlameRanger was able to extinguish fires in 20 seconds or less.

For more information, go to www.RoboticNozzles.com www.AutomaticFireFighting.com

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