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Ziegler – 125 years of quality, reliability and innovations

Ziegler – 125 years of quality, reliability and innovations

As one of the world’s leading producers of fire fighting vehicles and equipment, Ziegler thinks beyond the products of those who have worked with them every day – for 125 years.

125 years ago everything started in an old mill in Giengen, Germany

The history of Ziegler extends over 125 years and goes back to the founder Albert Ziegler, who was active in the local fire department in the last two decades of the nineteenth century. In 1891 the focus was on the manufacturing of hoses. The firm’s hoses were made famous in the circles of European fire fighters.

For Ziegler, the hose manufacturing is still an important traditional branch of the company, having produced over 60 million meters of hose – enough to wrap around the world about one and a half times.

From the hose to the pump up to the fully equipped fire fighting vehicle

Kurt Ziegler, the son of Albert Ziegler shifted the company’s focus in 1922. As he had good relations with the fire departments, he decided to offer more products for this market segment.

Therefore, he installed a mechanical workshop besides the looms and started developing a new product – the centrifugal fire pump and portable centrifugal fire pump. In 1925 the first portable pump was delivered. “Of course new, more modern and technically sophisticated models emerged in the course of many decades, although for example the 1953 developed portable pump 8/8 is still a highly valued product”, notes Hans Mayr, the head of the German sales department.

“Today, the companies core competence is certainly based on an idea by Günther Ziegler, the son of Kurt Ziegler. “In 1953 he made the decision to start the construction of fire fighting vehicles and thus to become a full supplier for the fire departments,” adds Hans Mayr. On the German market Ziegler sells up to 500 fire fighting vehicles of various types a year. This constitutes a market share of about 30% in Germany.

Nowadays high-tech vehicles do not have much in common with the first Ziegler firefighting vehicle which was built in 1953 on an Opel-Blitz chassis. In 1991 Ziegler introduced the first airport firefighting and rescue vehicle of the Z8 series to coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary.

Ziegler is particularly proud of the patented aluminium-panel system ALPAS, which offers a high-quality and flexible base for all superstructures. Whether this is the centrifugal fire pump, which delivers up to 10,000 liters per minute and is very easy to use, or the Ziegler crew cabin Z-Cab that is spacious and equipped with safety in mind, demonstrating the company’s decades of experience.

Since the 1990s, it is becoming increasingly international at Ziegler

It started with the company’s 100th anniversary when Ziegler opened a production facility in Rendsburg in 1991. In the following years further production sites in Mühlau, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Croatia were added. Sales offices are currently located in Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and since 2014 also in China. The number of employees has thus grown to more than 1,200 people, with about 600 employed at the headquarters in Giengen.

Günter Dörflinger has lead the international sales department since 2011. As head of this department, he sees great market opportunities particularly on the Chinese market after the acquisition of the CIMC Group in 2013.

As part of CIMC, Ziegler is well funded and excellently positioned for the future. Consequently, large investments have already been made especially in the production capacities in Germany, as well as in manufacturing and development during 2015. This also supports Ziegler to provide customers all over the world with reliable and robust firefighting vehicles and equipment.

For more information, go to www.ziegler.de

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